Reducing poverty in the world

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Poverty is the lack of the basic needs in life such as food, shelter, and clothing. For an individual to live a healthy life, there is a particular level of emotional, social and physical need the person has to acquire. However, many people living in poverty lack the resources to lead healthy lives. Also, these people are not welcomed in certain places, and because of their situation, they cannot manage to eat some food and get access to safe water. Poverty has been a global issue for many years. It is a vice that affects different parts of the world, and although many people may not realize just how big the problem has become, it goes without a saying that poverty has affected a more significant part of our world. The following article is keen to include the fundamental information about poverty across the world, its effects, causes, and ways by which it can be reduced.

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Rutger Bregman gives an exclusive talk about poverty at Ted talk. He claims that his inspiration of the talk came from his experience with the sugarcane farmers in India. Bregman begins with the general perspective of people on poverty. In his speech he quotes Margret Thatcher’s definition of poverty. According to this British prime minister, poverty was a personality defect. She, like many other people, had the idea that poverty comes about out of people’s stupidity and lack of enough intelligence to think and plan appropriately. However, Rutger stresses that poverty is not a lack of knowledge, or character but lack of money. When people lack money to purchase basic needs, they are called poor. Rutger points out that poverty has a lot of effects especially to a nation. For example, in the United States of America, poverty costs the country a total of $500 billion annually. This amount results from the money that are used to treat the poor, the losses from criminal activities caused by people in poverty and the money used to distribute goods to the poor in different parts of the nation among others. Also, according to Bregman, helping the poor by giving them money and products does not help stop poverty. He calls this an uncalculated move by the rich. This is because these goods will eventually deplete and the rich only sends this things once in a while. Thus, how does the poor survive in the time when these types of aids have been withdrawn? Therefore, to eliminate poverty, he suggests the idea of the “Basic income guarantee.” This is a plan where those in poverty will receive a monthly salary which would help them purchase the basic needs they require. However, Rutger told his audience that people should consider this a venture capital for the poor. This is money that can assist them start an enterprise that will help them survive and overcome their state of poverty. Bregman beseeched the rich that instead of sending “useless” gifts to the poor, they should help finance the accounts that would be used in distributing the basic income guarantee. He gives an example of Dauphin, a city in Canada, which adopted the basic guaranteed income. The town transformed and the studies done in the Dauphin now shows an improvement in the economy, academic performance, and decrease in health problems and a decrease in death rates.

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Robert Palmer at Global Witness, 2018 revealed top secret information about many influential and influential people in the global economy. It was discovered that most of these people have external accounts out of their countries where they keep most of their money. They do this to escape taxes and also because most of this cash is achieved in playful and wrong ways such as embezzlement. Tara Winkler talks about how she visited an orphanage where she discovered the manager of the orphanage could misuse a lot of the home’s funds and even go as far as sexually abusing some of the children. These pieces of information show that poverty is mostly promoted by the rich. For instance, in keeping funds in foreign bank accounts, these people escape being taxed thus depriving the government of some of the money required to offer assistance to the poor.

In conclusion, Tara claims that to eliminate the poverty, the entire society ought to be involved. This is because she discovers that some of the kids in the orphanages are there due to neglect by relatives and not because they are total poor orphans who have no one to look after. Therefore, these are some of the vices and issues that the society should solve.

Important passages from the text.

Robert Palmer at Global Witness, 2018.

The Panama Papers Exposed a Huge Global problem. What’s next?

The following information is tope secret. However, it has been discovered that the most powerful and influential people in the global market are taking their money to offshore accounts.


My opinion and reactions

This means that the individuals are exempted from paying taxes. Thus, the more people that take money offshore, the less money that remains for public services facilities, such as hospitals, schools, and infrastructural activities.

Tara Winkler at TEDxSydney.

Why we need to end the era of orphanages.

Tara says there is a lot of corruption in the orphanages. She discovered that a director in Cambodia would embezzle funds of the orphanage and abuse the children sexually. Additionally, most children in the orphanages were not total orphans but people with families.

The rate and number of orphanages keep increasing because people have discovered it is a way out to reduce expenses or earn more money. Therefore, it is important to reduce the number of orphanages in ensuring the correct leadership in the places and only the availability of children who should be there rightfully.


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