Solving the child abuse problem

Child abuse

One of the recent news articles Agency reports increase in child abuse reports by Deborah Circelli in Daytona Beach News is devoted to increasing number of child abuse reports. The author informs that the high abuse rate in Volusia and Flagler has increasingly grown within August, September and July, compared to last-year numbers. The experts are worried by the fact that these two counties have a high abuse rate compared with other districts of the state, and the growing number makes their alert increase. Child-welfare officials are not sure what caused the increase during the end of the summer and the beginning of the autumn, but they suppose this may be connected to the natural disasters. Continuing stress from the last summer hurricanes may be a factor that influenced the growth of child abuse reports rate. Making false reports may also be one of the possible reasons. The local administrator for the state Department of Children and Families reported the members of the Community Alliance about the measures that were delivered to examine the situation and prevent the future growth of the child abuse reports number. He mentioned the growing population and the stress factor as the possible reasons for the high rates of child abuse reports and gave some numbers – 2034 reports in July, August and September compared to 1594 of the same period last year.
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