Throughout Coming to Peace with Science Darrel Falk

Christian Faith and Evolution Instructions:

The following needs to be completed. It is a chapter summary for Chapter 3 and 4 of coming to peace with Science by Darrel R Falk. I pulled this of the Internet as the summary. Each Chapter summary should be 1 page in length and should expand on the below summary you can add other research that is related to the summary. Throughout Coming to Peace with Science Darrel Falk has to grapple with the problem of how to balance being a scientist with being a Christian. Scientists have to balance carrying out experiments and developing theories that contradict or call into question religious beliefs. The theories concerning evolution have caused much controversy between science and religion especially during the 19th century. In chapter 3 Falk discusses the time frame of creation. Earlier scientific research starting with Charles Darwin had made the time line of creation as described in Genesis seem totally implausible. Evolution dented the belief that the Bible was literally true even if it could not prove whether God was behind the creation of life or not. Darwin himself remained a committed Christian who believed that the evolution theory could still prove that God created life. 
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