DuBois Appeal to the World


Racism as a social phenomenon existed in the American society for two hundred and half centuries (“Black History”) in the form of slavery and segregation with the implementation of Jim Crows law. It brought a tremendous suffering among African Americans.  It prevented black men and women exercising their civil rights. Black people were not allowed to share the same spaces, including schools, public transportation, and recreational facilities, as whites.  For black people, it was a long journey to ensure the freedom that exists in today’s American society.  American people pay homage to the distinguished leader Dr. Martin Luther King in the journey of freeing the nation from an evil social phenomenon – racism. Though, Dr. King played a vital role, but there were many other leaders who took part in the journey to free the American society from racism.  One of the prominent leaders was Dr. W.E.B. DuBois.  Martin Luthar King, Jr., described DuBois as a tireless explorer and discoverer of social truth. Green and Driver refer (“Du Bois, W. E. B. 1868–1963”) DuBois as a prominent sociologist who studied race relation of the black community in the United States.  DuBois devoted his life studying relations among race, society and economics.  This article discusses about Dr. DuBois life and his contribution to free the American society from racism.
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