“Rachel and Her Children” by Jonathan Kozol

Jonathan Kozol is the author of Rachel and Her Children. He released this book at a time when homelessness in the US became a major concern of the public. In this book, Jonathan details the devastating effects of homelessness to children and their parents. In his book he suggests that children are the major culprits affected by the homelessness menace. Furthermore, these homeless children’s situation is supplemented by the fact that these children lose their homes in the event of major catastrophe. These homeless children in the long run indulge in street gangs that they hope to find comfort and solace and end up conducting criminal activities in order to be accepted. Some kids end up becoming mentally ill, drug addicts, alcoholics, and even thugs. Even though Jonathan does not convince the audience about the homelessness menace with figures and statistical data, he establishes very well the disposition and bad experiences of homelessness. Jonathan focuses more on the New York housing and shelter system in his book. It is quite evident that in New York, the homeless population experience misery in their daily lives. The policy of deterrence seems to have caused most of their problems. This policy ascertains that through the making of relief and aid programs more difficult to access, the needy will be forced to work hard and find their own means of living (Kozol 21).
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