100 Best Proposal Topics For Your Essay

A proposal essay is the type of paper in which the writer needs to choose the topic and convince the reader about this. It can be anything from education to the environment. One of the hardest things to do is find the writer’s issue to cover in the paper. Thus, our team created the list of best proposal paper ideas.

25 Great Proposal Paper Topics

With every year more and more, people start to understand that the environment has a strong effect on humanity’s well-being. While writing about environmental problems, it would be wise to cover such issues:

  1. The little things that everyone can do to help decrease the global warming
  2. The ways how humanity can redistribute resources more efficiently and eco-friendly
  3. The plan how to stop using fossil fuel in the next several decades
  4. How to avoid fires in Australia?
  5. The ways to halt deforestation and restore the ecosystem
  6. Why is global warming an important issue, and how will it affect humanity?
  7. How can the government convince people to start using bicycles for short trips?

Modern people don’t imagine everyday life without smartphones, computers, and the internet. So, making a paper about technologies is a great idea.

  1. The ways to help the older generation to get in touch with modern tech
  2. The financial and sociological benefits of switching to wireless technologies
  3. How to protect your data on the internet?
  4. How modern technologies can increase the creativity
  5. The part of modern technologies in the lives of modern children
  6.  Why prohibiting kids from using the modern means of communication is a bad idea
  7. How can GMOs eradicate world hunger?
  8. Is it moral to censor the internet?

The proposal paper topics about the Societal issues and Social Life in the modern world such as:

  1. How effective is safe education?
  2. The ways to lift people out of poverty
  3. Different ways to incorporate different cultures into one country
  4. The effect of social media on the mental health
  5. Internet addiction
  6. How can idols encourage people to make their life better?
  7. The assistance for the single-parent families.

Our team hopes that we helped you to find some good proposal topics in this section.

25 Good Research Proposals Ideas

Becoming the master of finding the right research paper is crucial during college. Starting a new project and choosing an interesting topic is the hard thing to do. We compiled a list of issues that can be interesting.


  1. How did China become a superpower?
  2. The history of NATO
  3. The reasons for World War I
  4. How Europe rebuilt itself after the Second World War?
  5. The differences between Palestinians and Jewish people
  6. The Cuban Crisis
  7. The Crusades
  8. How did the Eastern Roman Empire survived for over 1000 years?
  9. The economy of the Roman Empire
  10. How Christianity became the dominant religion in Europe?
  11. The causes and consequences of the 100-year war between France and England
  12. French Revolution causes and consequences
  13. The collapse of the Soviet Union


  1. How long can children watch television?
  2. The effect of video games on the school performance
  3. New ways of teaching
  4. Pros and cons of a testing system
  5. How to deal with problematic children
  6. Micro-credentials and their impact on traditional education


  1. The consequences of an untreated post-traumatic stress disorder
  2. The High School bullies from the psychological point of view
  3. Post-traumatic stress disorder in the military
  4. Why it is important to understand cognitive psychology
  5. Family and the community
  6. The effect of social media on human psychology

25 Smart Proposal Argument Topics


  1. How does hunting affect the environment?
  2. Does the government need to prohibit plastic products from promoting eco-friendly alternatives?
  3. Would additional charges for plastic bags in convenience stores encourage the usage of reusable bags?
  4. How composting can help to save the environment
  5. The problem with deforestation

Families and interpersonal relationships

  1. The ways to prevent divorce
  2. How Covid-19 affected the connections inside the families?
  3. Is it possible to get out of “the friend zone”?
  4. The signs of abusive relationships
  5. Domestic violence and its effect on children
  6. Household responsibilities
  7. Teenage marriages
  8. What impact do families have on kids?
  9. Interracial adoption and its effect
  10. How being the only child in the family affects the person?

The part of technologies in humans life

  1. How will nanomachines change medicine?
  2. Can vaccines cause autism?
  3. How do the technologies affect Gen Z?
  4. Will cybernetic limbs become better than the human arm?
  5. How will virtual reality change everyday life?
  6. Why do kids understand new technologies way better than their parents?
  7. Can video games lead to violent acts in real life?
  8. What are the differences between digital and ordinary books?
  9. How can video games change education?
  10. Should parents be able to choose the features their kids will inherit?

25 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

In this section, we will discuss proposal essay topic ideas


  1. How to deal with childhood obesity?
  2. How to promote healthy habits in your kids?
  3. What are the ways to provide all citizens with good medical treatment without additional charges?
  4. How to decrease the number of smokers?
  5. How to effectively deal with illegal drug use?
  6. What should be done to reduce the number of deaths from drunk driving?


  1. Should college athletes get a salary? What is the right balance between education, business, and athletics
  2. Is it right to prohibit all kinds of hunting?
  3. Can cybersport players be considered athletes?
  4. Should we legalize and monetize the usage of testosterone?
  5. How physical activities affect the human brain and mood?


It is essential to be careful with this type of topic in a proposal essay.

  1. Traditional values in the modern time
  2. Is it a good idea to raise the kids with the feeling of humility instead of a privilege?
  3. How to make the younger generation respect the elder ones?
  4. The part of political correctness in modern culture
  5. How can the United States solve the problem with homeless people?
  6. The decline of morality in modern media and what to do with it?
  7. The effect of Black Lives Matter on the future of culture
  8. Ways to promote tolerant behavior in contemporary society
  9. The morality within the teenager aggression
  10. How to make morale cool again?


  1. How neighboring kings reacted to the female ruler in the countries of the past?
  2. How communism affected society?
  3. What made Napoleon so famous in France?
  4. How did the Greeks manage to colonize the Mediterranean?
  5. What were the reasons for the conquest of Alexander the Great?

5 Tips for Proposal Essay From Grademiners.com

In the previous sections, we compiled the list of topics for the proposal essay. In this one, we want to give several tips on how to create a great proposal essay.

  1. Conduct thorough research on the topic.
  2. Check out different points of view and brainstorm the issue
  3. Don’t rely on your first draft. Write messy and edit your writing after that
  4. Follow the structure
  5. Maintain a consistent tone throughout

Students spend days and weeks writing a good proposal essay. Then, they need to conduct the research, select the correct arguments, write the draft, and edit the final piece. The whole process is complex and consumes a lot of time. So, you can hire a specialist to write the paper for you. The members of our team are professional academic writers that will perform your order on an expert level.

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