55 Rare Topics For Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is a type of writing where your primary purpose is to convince the reader that your opinion is correct.

It can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines; in fact, persuasive writing can be used in any writing format, be it a college persuasive essay, an article, a promotional copy or a personal letter.

Topics For Persuasive Essays

As you will see from our presentation, the choice of persuasive essay topics largely depends on the format of writing – as well as the writer’s maturity.

One thing remains unchanged, though, and it is the educational value of this type of essay.

It helps students build a set of strong skills, such as the capacity of forming and grounding one’s opinion, engage in debates and provide logical reasoning supporting their stance.

Persuasive essay topics: where to start?

When you are tasked with writing a persuasive essay, and if you have a free choice of the subject, we insist that you should pick a topic that you are well-versed in, and preferably passionate about.

In the very least, this should be something you can relate to. If you have a specific topic to write on, make sure you carry out elaborate research to make strong and informed points.

The structure of a persuasive essay could be roughly outlined as follows:

  • Think of a topic you can argue for or against.
  • Write up 5-6 arguments that will convince the reader that your opinion is right.
  • Read a professional persuasive essay and see how it is written to be inspired and mimic the layout!
  • The entire persuasive essay is going to be built around the thesis, therefore it is of paramount importance to write it in a concise and clear way.

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The secret behind the thesis

A persuasive essay should begin with a thesis, where the reader is immediately told what your article is about. In the thesis, you explain your position on the question you have chosen to rewrite.

It is the main purpose of your entire essay, and you will devote the whole text to convincing the reader that you are right.

To awaken the reader’s interest, you can write your thesis as an exclamation or question that you repeat or answer at the end of your article.

Supporting arguments for your thesis

Now you have explained your position, you should prove that you are right! You do this by listing your arguments, or reasons why you think you are doing.

Arguments can be divided into two main groups:

(1) Emotional arguments – based on your own feelings and thoughts. Feeling arguments are very personal and strong. The aim of the emotional argument is to awaken the reader’s feelings. In other words, the reader should preferably start crying out of your emotional argument…

(2) Factual arguments – based on pure facts. The factual arguments are objective, clear and at the same time very convincing to the reader, especially if you can refer to where you got your facts from. To convince the reader in the best way, your essay must include both emotional and factual arguments. The emotional argument causes your opinion to sound passionate, while the factual arguments give concrete reasons why you feel like you are doing to the reader.

To convince the reader in the best way, use both types of arguments!

An argument in response to counter-argument

A really good debater doesn’t just think of themselves, but also of his opponents! You do this by taking counter-arguments, or reasons why you should not think that you do yourself.

This makes your persuasive essay look very thought out, which also makes it more reliable. The purpose of including opponents’ opinions, for you as an author, is to clearly show that they are not correct.

In order to succeed in this, you must choose the opponent’s best argument and disassemble it and defeat it using your own arguments.

The golden rule states that factual arguments must be answered with factual arguments, and in the same way, an emotional argument must be answered with an emotional argument.

How to craft a persuasive essay conclusion?

In the end, the reader should get an overview. Summarize the most important and above all, repeat your strongest argument! The last part of your discussion article should contain a convincing answer to your thesis. Sometimes it can be effective to reason about the consequences if you do not do what you think.

The purpose of this is to give the argument a proper final clamp and convince the reader once and for all. The best effect is achieved by ending strongly and confidently; for that reason, you need to think about being brief.

Just as with the number of arguments you have in the article, the conclusion becomes more powerful if it is short and clear.

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Persuasive essay topics for kids

  • Books are better than TV.
  • Zoos are prisons for animals.
  • School attendance should be optional.
  • Home assignments should be banned.
  • Is there life on Mars?

Persuasive essay topics middle school

  • Education is impossible without teachers.
  • Should computers replace teachers?
  • Do we need a school uniform?
  • Is reading a new trend or a thing of the past?
  • Mobile phones should be used at school.

Persuasive essay topics for high school

  • Death penalty should be banned. Do you agree?
  • Why should your parents let you attend the concert of your favorite music band?
  • Why should teachers allow pupils to choose their seat place?
  • Video games help childhood development.
  • Convince your parents to buy you a mobile phone. Support your request with good arguments.

Persuasive essay topics 5th grade

  • E-books in a not too distant future can change our way to read. Do you agree?
  • Imagine having to convince your parents to buy you the scooter. Write your thesis in an argumentative text, remember to insert the possible objections of the teachers and come to a conclusion.
  • Electronic mail compared to the traditional one. Which one is better?
  • Parents should give children more freedom. True or false?
  • Curfews are a good practice for children to abide by.

Persuasive speech topics for college

  • Transgenic foods: are you for or against?
  • Are you in favor or against hunting? Express your opinion with appropriate arguments.
  • Human cloning: are you in favor or against it?
  • The Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun in his book “Racism explained to my daughter” says: “A child is not born a racist”. Do you agree with this statement?
  • History teaches us to predict the future.

Persuasive speech topics for college students

  • Alcoholism: a disease or a vice?
  • Citizenship income should be adopted by every state.
  • The G20 countries, to save the planet from global warming, must adopt more ambitious global CO2 emission reduction targets than those of the Paris Accords.
  • The abolition of homework, a measure recently introduced in France, should be adopted by every school system to combat early school drop-outs.
  • Caloric and fat-rich foods, commonly called junk food, should be taxed more than “healthy foods”.

Interesting persuasive essay topics

  • Love and age difference.
  • The friendship between man and woman: a myth or reality?
  • Is having friends such a necessity?
  • Is having a pet waste of resources?
  • Can love last forever?

Easy persuasive essay topics

  • A countryside or urban life?
  • Social networks have improved our lifestyle.
  • Working is needed for being happy.
  • All sorts of lotteries should be made illegal.
  • Is it possible to be a success by only playing it fair?

Funny persuasive essay topics

  • Should cats or dogs rule the world?
  • Your Zodiac sign determines your personality.
  • Santa’s policies are largely discriminating.
  • Socials favor stalking tendencies.
  • YouTube makes you a superstar overnight.

Controversial persuasive essay topics

  • Ethnic adoptions: pro or con?
  • Pharmaceutical industries are disrupting our lives.
  • Abortion should be legal around the world.
  • Animal testing should be made illegal.
  • Genetic cloning is not ethical.
  • Capital punishment pros and cons.
  • Euthanasia should be legalized.
  • Immigration laws should be made stricter.

Best persuasive essay topics

  • Kids should be brought up in a stricter manner.
  • Works of art should be returned to their respective countries of origin.
  • The young only think about money. Do you agree?
  • A real vacation is when one doesn’t do anything.
  • Friends count as much as a family.

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