75 Topics for Persuasive Essays (+Writing Tips)

Looking for persuasive research paper topics to get inspired and fired up to complete an assignment? Here’s a collection of 75 trending essay topics you can draw inspiration from anytime. Just remember that you’ll still have to do research, analyze your audience, build up a relevant evidence base, write the whole thing, and do proofreading. Will still take you lots of time. If you have none, at the end of the article there’s a hint for you.

15 general topics for a persuasive essay

  • Violence in computer games causes mass shootings in US schools.
  • Islam should be banned in the US.
  • Vegan diet is unhealthy.
  • Schools should teach students about healthy eating.
  • Bullying should be officially considered a petty crime.
  • Too much homework is a bad thing.
  • Schools should teach students how to earn money.
  • College athletes must have insurance.
  • Recreational marijuana must be legalized nationwide.
  • Cheerleading is the objectification of women and has to be banned.
  • William Shakespeare was, in fact, a woman.
  • School teachers should wear uniforms just as students do.
  • Men and women shouldn’t be paid equally for doing equal work.
  • Schools should raise greater awareness about steroids in professional sports.
  • President Donald Trump won’t make America great again.

15 persuasive essay topics for college

  • People should pass a parenting exam before actually becoming parents.
  • People with obesity should be getting medical help.
  • Alcohol and tobacco industries must face more severe taxation.
  • People selling alcohol and tobacco to the minors must face jail sentences.
  • New small businesses should be relieved from taxes for three years.
  • There should be a limit to the number of billboards in big cities.
  • Serial child molesters and rapists should be subjects to the death penalty.
  • Cancer treatment drugs must be available for free.
  • Wealth is the result of exploiting someone else’s labor.
  • Homosexual couples mustn’t be allowed to adopt heterosexual children.
  • More job openings must be available for US Military veterans.
  • The state should pay for nursing services used by young parents.
  • Email spam should be considered a petty crime.
  • Nine-to-five jobs are a relic of the past.
  • Misleading advertising must be fined.

15 persuasive essay topics for high school

  • Grading system in the US must be replaced by “pass” or “fail.”
  • Written homework makes zero sense.
  • Blogging and Social Media Marketing must be taught at school.
  • Teachers should pass proficiency tests every semester.
  • Bullies should be sent to correctional facilities.
  • High school students should be tested for drugs every week.
  • Schools encouraging pizza, soda, burgers and French fries must pay fines.
  • Teachers should have greater salaries.
  • Students should be allowed to use essay writing services.
  • Video games have nothing to do with real-life violence.
  • Passing a test should be financially rewarded; failing a test should be fined.
  • Sports celebrities should be paid less.
  • Islamic people must never be given a US citizenship.
  • The Government should invest in public schools more.
  • Homeless people must be pulled away from the streets in big cities.

15 persuasive essay topics on Education

  • Gym classes should have an impact on the GPA.
  • Schools must stop selling soft drinks and chocolate bars to students.
  • There should be a class teaching students how to optimize taxes.
  • Textbooks should be made free for all school students.
  • Pathological bullies must be expelled from schools and colleges.
  • Alternative education is a route to nowhere.
  • Self-education isn’t really an education at all.
  • Cybersport should be an official class.
  • Schools should teach students traditional family values.
  • Doing written homework is overrated.
  • Getting online help with homework should be allowed at all levels.
  • Schools should start teaching students how to earn as a freelancer.
  • Grades don’t mean anything.
  • Condoms and birth control pills must be free for students.
  • Smart students from poor families must be allowed to private schools and colleges.

15 funny persuasive essay topics

  • Czechoslovakia still exists.
  • Machine Gun Kelly is the worst rapper ever.
  • Professional gamer is the greatest job of the 21st
  • Fake tan is actually not that bad.
  • Guys should be using makeup more often.
  • Disney is the worst entertainment company in the world.
  • In 20 years, Terminators won’t be a fiction anymore.
  • Instagram celebrities should share their profits with subscribers.
  • Cats are evil.
  • Excellent liars make excellent presidents of the United States.
  • Chocolate is an actual drug.
  • Monday should become a part of the weekend.
  • Five-day work week makes no sense.
  • At nine-to-five jobs only up to three hours are spent working.
  • Saying “literally” instead of “figuratively” should be a crime.

10 persuasive essay writing tips

  • Get into the right mood – If you’re reluctant to do an assignment, either choose another topic or let the task be until you’re in the right mood. An empowered speaker is a force hard to stop. Look up a source of inspiration, enjoy the process, and results will come.
  • Keep the reader in mind – Everyone has a sweet spot. Find it. And use it. An instructor will be checking your paper, so keep in mind what are your professor’s preferences, likes, and interests.
  • Do your research – Persuading someone is a tough challenge. Build up your body of evidence using the best most credible sources. Use your final argument in the essay finale.
  • Present the opposing point of view – And make sure to smash it with your evidence! Use the last main body paragraph to present an opposing point of view and refute its key point to establish your authority in an argument.
  • Use quotes – Presenting quotes of academic thought leaders and professors supporting your take on a subject is a persuasion technique that pays off a lot.
  • Rely on statistics and proven facts – You can’t oppose the facts and statistical data from reputable sources. So give your readers the facts that clearly state your thesis statement is true. But don’t confuse facts with truths everyone already knows.
  • Create the snowball effect – Think through the structure of your essay carefully. Analyze which of the arguments could have the highest persuasive value and present them toward the end.
  • Test the text on real people – Seek another person’s opinion. See if you can persuade friends or family before you actually try to persuade a professor. Collect the opinion of other people and make changes in the draft.
  • Tailor the essay to perfection – To score 85+ points, your essay has to sound smooth. Grammar flaws, syntax errors, typos and foul language use must be eliminated. Proofread the text 10 times and then one more, and then more, until everything feels at place.
  • Check your work on plagiarism – Many times it happens so that there’s plagiarism in a paper, even though you’ve done the assignment from scratch. Rewrite certain passages or whole paragraphs, if there’s any plagiarism in your paper.

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