The man is a social being, and it is very hard to find one who can say he does not have at least a friend. Workmates, fellow students can be such that one is lonely in a very large crowd because he or she does not have a friend among them. There goes the million dollar question then- “Who or what is a friend?” Essays on friends, therefore, try to look for ways of answering this question.

The old adages go ‘Show me your friends, and I will tell you the kind of person you are’ ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed,’ and a myriad of other sayings on friends exist in daily talk. The following tips will guide and provide insight for anybody trying to answer this question.

Steps to follow while writing

  • Thesis statement: Depending on the requirements of the course of study, it is necessary to have a properly thought out thesis statement or topic of study. Brainstorm with the other course-mates and the professor what is expected of you in the essay before you venture into any works. Does the examiner require essays on a specific friend or friends in general? Are its ways of making friends or keeping friends that are expected? Or is the essay on kinds of friends? These are some of the questions that one should endeavor to answer before engaging in the process of writing essays on friends.
  • Definition: almost everyone has at least a friend but ask one to define a friend, and there they go blank of words. Who is a friend really? Can your relative be a friend? Can your course mate or professor be a friend? These are some of the quests
  • Research the topic extensively: Go to the library, ask questions while taking short notes of everything and anything you think might be worth noting. This might involve perusing through other literally works on the essay without necessarily falling into the risk of plagiarism. These notes will act as a guide in your works which should be as original as possible.

Development of the essay

  • Armed with these materials, develop a striking title and introduction besides an outline of the intended ‘path’ that you want your essay to take. Have your audience in mind as you engage yourself in You want them to read through your document? The introduction and the flow of points and concepts will leave them yearning for more even after reading through. Be as captivating as possible avoiding obvious statements
  • Be specific: Once you have decided on the issue of friendship to write on, your essay should be specifically on that and not generalized unless the requirements are for you to write essays on friendship generally.
  • Let your audience feel the friendship that you are trying to describe. Let them move with you. This can only be done by the language, the examples and the phrases you use throughout the essay. Make them feel the need for a friend and a good friend that one shares inner feelings with and details that otherwise are not exposed. A good example of friends sharing could go well here.
  • Conclude your essay by having an overview of the discussed points and show the need of a friend. Make the reader remember you and your essay with this granted last chance in the form of the concluding remarks. A good essay writer is one who strikes the audience with a good introduction, a good development of the essay and an even better last sentence that he leaves the audience awestruck. Strike them with your finishing bang.
  • A good essay misses the awards and other accolades if it is full of grammatical, punctuation and other minor mistakes. Make sure you write essays on friends and other essays for that matter well before the due date to allow yourself time to go through them again with a fine-tooth comb as it were, tying the loose ends and checking on repetitive statements , colloquial language and other small mistakes that could make your work look bad.
  • Writing essays on friends; you must be having a friend who can go through your work to pick out those small errors that you might have missed and also act as a judge before you present your work to the course instructors or professors.
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