Tips on writing good baseball essays

Baseball is arguably one of the most phenomenal games of all time. Ever since the first baseball game was played in Elysian Fields, New Jersey, it has grown to be the most famous game in American history. Baseball has literally affected and shaped the life of every American whether directly or indirectly. You played it as a child, went for a game with family or friends, or followed a season on TV. Even to the ones that were not so much into sports, you probably had to write one or two baseball essays in college.

 Tips on writing good baseball essays

There are a couple of steps that can help you to write a winning essay. These are:

  • Plan the essay

Once you have been given the essay topic or essay instructions, the first thing you should do is plan how you are going to write it. Anything that gets planned will always be done on time. You will want to start by determining how urgent the paper is. If it is needed the same day, then you really have no time to waste but if it is needed in a couple of weeks, you have a chance to breathe before you start typing away. The number of words required for the essay coupled with the deadline for submission will guide you on how to write the essay. But even if you have up to a month to deliver the paper, it is never a good idea to wait until the eleventh hour. Start on the essay as soon as you can and submit it ahead of time. This will not only give you enough time to review the paper but it will also avoid the last minute rash which is the main reason for substandard essays.  At this stage, come up with a draft outline that will guide you in the research and writing

  • Research for the essay

Once you have established how many words you need to write and by when, you can start sourcing for relevant reference materials for the essay. Go through your usual academic database to find as many relevant scholarly articles as are available. You can supplement these sources with other results from Google books and Google scholar.  You can use the draft outline to guide you on the keywords to use to fine-tune the research. Each time you get a relevant journal article, browse through to see if it is relevant to the research you are doing. The fastest way of establish how relevant an article is by reading the abstract or the introduction. If none of these is available, check out the chapter of contents and visit the different sections in the article to read a couple of paragraphs. This should let you know how good a source is for your research.

Filter out the unnecessary documents and remain with only the most relevant ones. How many articles you need for writing your essay will largely depend on the number of words you need to write as well as the number of sources requested by your professor.

  • Write the essay

After compiling a number of sources and reading through them, you can start writing your essay. Always start with a strong introduction in order to grasp the attention of your readers. The body section of the essay should also have clear and strong arguments. At the conclusion of the essay, do not add any new information. Just summarize the ideas in the essay in a couple of sentences. As you write the essay, remember to adhere to the formatting guidelines provided by your professor. These formatting guidelines are typically defined by the required referencing style. In other words, it is not just about the font styles and spacing used but also about how you cite the sources used in the work. After writing the paper, proof read it to ensure there are no errors in the formatting, referencing, or in the grammar.

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