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Conflict is a thorn in our flesh and overcoming it is strength. On average, we face several conflicts in a day. This may come up between us and family or colleagues at work and even friends on a night out.

Often, chances are we let this conflicts affect how we behave in respect to other unrelated areas. For instance, a conflict at home may affect our productivity at work and vice versa. However, depending on how you look at it, conflict can either be a curse or a blessing. To put it into perspective, looking at particular scenarios helps. For instance, conflicts between government factions have been blamed for civil wars as well as revolutions worldwide.

There have also been conflicts at major corporations that have seen the rise and fall of powerful and visionary executives as well as the rise and fall of great companies on another hand. There is no shortage of examples of conflicts that have gone wrong or right in the world.

Mostly, when conflict is mentioned, rivalry and enmity comes to mind. However, conflict could also mean competition. So it also has the power to bring out the best in people as they try to prove their detractors wrong. It has been found that not all conflict is non-productive. On the contrary, there are conflicts that have been found to be a thinking stimulant and help in team work. An Essay on conflict brings out these two sides. There are certain issues that can be said to cause conflict and include:

  • Facts
  • Process: there might be a disagreement on methodology that would create a conflict
  • Goals: different goals may also cause friction leading to conflict, especially in business partnerships.

Either way, it is important to avoid negative conflict as it can escalate to resentfulness. Some conflicts can even compromise reconciliation and create animosity against certain parties. Misconceptions about this topic exist and are widespread. Some find conflict to be abnormal even though it is inevitable to be at loggerheads with someone or something from time to time. Regularly, there are decisions to be made in life and these decisions affect more than one person. For this reason, it is a surety that time and again, someone will disagree at some point or other. It is when we all understand that conflict is here for good that we start looking for solutions that would neutralize the hard feelings when the time comes.

Identifying conflict means determining who the conflict is between, the depths of the conflict and if there have been any spin-offs. This helps in coming up with individualized solutions. Constructive conflict however should be nurtured as it allows for competition hence growth. As far as resolving conflict is concerned, there are certain strategies that can be employed. They include separating those in conflict, accommodating each other, compromise, and competition as well as being collaborative.

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