What Is a Work-Life Balance of a Student?

The very notion of a “work-life balance” has appeared in the latest 1980’s. This concept is related to numerous scientific papers and the study of this topic is not over until now.
Perhaps, we all realize that to achieve success, leisure is just as necessary as work and study. If to be more precise, the right balance between these components allows us to work efficiently and consistently. Never forget this.
The most common and typical mistake is that students do not give themselves enough time for leisure. As a result, they and their study suffer. Of course, it is barely possible to have rest under a huge student’s workload and a frantic pace of modern life.Work-Life-Balance
Leisure allows you to relax and unwind. So, get your head a holiday. It is necessary because at that time when your mind is relaxed and away from numbers, words, and deadlines, you have an opportunity for some creative ideas to come to the surface and show themselves. Leisure is not a reward for a well done job, it is a part of a job.
By the way, universities use this principle for centuries. It is called “sabbatical leave.” Teaching staff every six or seven years is entitled to a sabbatical leave, lasting for about one term, while keeping a salary. Tutors usually extend such leaves for the next term, but without payment. They are encouraged to use this time to pursue science or travel. However, the most important thing here is to get away from everyday responsibilities of teaching.
After a sabbatical leave, a tutor is likely to return full of energy and vivacity, as well as new ideas. Of course, it will be great for everybody including his students. It should be said that it really works and there are numerous examples.
So, remember that hardworking is a route to success, but, hard work without balancing leisure almost always leads to a failure. Alternating leisure time and work, allows you to return again and again to your project. You’ll be fresh, full of energy, vigor and enthusiasm. Isn’t it what you need?

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