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Publication Date: January 22, 2018

Headline/Title: How Marketing and Advertising are bound to Change In 2018

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Major Company(s) mentioned: Facebook Company

Summary: The article indicates there will be possible changes in social media, the law, and the chance of digital advertising being impacted by net neutrality. According to Halevy (2018), three significant aspects (privacy, live video, and artificial intelligence) are bound to shape the new landscape of this year.

Key marketing concepts/terminologies

  • Marketing tools
  • Internet advertising
  • Analytics
  • Artificial intelligence marketing

Key Marketing Issues

The article observes concepts that may be of significant impact to marking this year. Privacy is highly regarded as being of concern to most consumers. Since the internet profits on Ads, the increase of pop-ups by marketers has generated privacy concerns. As a result, consumers turn to pop-up blockers which make it difficult for marketers to reach the desired targets. Marketers currently face the challenge to determine the best channels and justify them to their customers.

Another issue is the use of visual content, which has become a favorite of most consumers. As Halevy (2018) reports, customers prefer creative videos, memes, and GIFs to reading the social media post of a company. As technology advances, artificial intelligence becomes a marketing rib. It provides a challenge to companies where their marketing approaches will have to compete with such technology in the near future.

Implications for marketers, consumers, and policymakers

As there may be changes in marketing as observed in the article, it is essential for marketers to develop new strategies that will ensure their survival in the competitive market. Consumers also need to prepare for the coming technological advances and how they will impact the marketing of their preferred products. As Halevy (2018) noted, the changes in marketing will trigger various changes in the law, which takes on the interests of the general public and policymakers.

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  1. Havely, E. (2018). How Marketing and Advertising Are Bound to Change in 2018. Entrepreneur.
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