The Effect of Online Advertising on Consumers

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The ad fission of the internet has increasingly been adopted thereby gradually enabling the world web to become a great advertisement platform (Kalia & Mishra 35). Through the World Wide Web (www), businesses are now accessible to this awesome media tool coupled with its high interactivity and global reach. Online advertisement is thus a marketing strategy whereby advertisers use the internet to pass marketing messages to the consumers, thereby enhancing promotion and purchase of products.  This ads are mostly delivered through e-mail, websites, ad-supported software, text messaging and some internet connected mobile phones (Kalia & Mishra 35). With a younger, affluent, better educated and increased accessibility to the internet, internet population has greatly changed, thus making them more mainstream and diverse (Mahsa and Khoshtinat 532).

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Consequently, this population, unlike the marketer, possess more power to control and authorize permissions and interaction. Additionally, internet users have 24 hour access to a myriad of various sources of information, thus ensuring that they are up-to date and which make them a complex kind of consumers. With the penetration of the Internet, many people tend to prefer online advertisement, more so, the e-commerce sites as compared to other forms of advertisement (Kalia & Mishra 36). This could be attributed to its convenience and great reachability in the entire globe. Therefore, online advertisement are a perfect means by which many business can utilize to reach thousands of consumers in different parts of the world within a short time. From these information, it is undeniable fact that online advertisement has surpassed other previous forms of ads. Therefore, all these achievements probably have some effects occasioned by use of this important tool among the consumers

Positive effects

Rapid growth and expansion of technology has enabled the internet to be like a hypermarket where consumers can visit and find a number of their needs in one place. With its effectiveness on reach, internet advertisement has a great capacity to increase awareness of a given product or service to the consumer compared to other forms of advertisement such as print, radio or TV (Mahsa and Khoshtinat 534). This is because of its multiple usage where consumers only have to visit the internet and then locate numerous needs they desire to purchase. The increase in awareness mostly influences decision of the consumer on whether to purchase or decline certain goods or services on offer. With a positive and liking for online advertisement, consumers are therefore made aware of their respective needs and thus what remains is for them to make quick decisions and consider parameters on whether to purchase or not. In most instances, the awareness encourages and persuades them to give a try to certain product or service and this normally leads to increased sales for the advertisers.

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Furthermore, increased awareness on the side of customer mostly proves beneficial since with adequate information, consumers tend to find e- shopping to be more convenient and time saving (Naser et al. 10). This attribute also increases the importance of online advertisement and its positive effect on consumers, as it makes life easy, bearable and convenient for consumers. Online advertising could also establish positive thoughts among consumers as it at times emerges as strong source of information. Such information could be motivational and empowering, thereby enhancing growth and development of viewers (Kalia & Mishra 36).  For instance, some advertisements could encourage consumers to adopt a certain lifestyle as shown from information in the advert, and, this possibly would be a good lifestyle that might improve health of the consumers, thus promoting a healthy base of consumers.

Negative effects

Some online advertisements are less likely successful than others. For instance, voluntary and exposure ads including banner and text are more likely to be ignored by the consumers since they occur in parallel with browsing activity (Rahul 5; Kalia & Mishra 36). Moreover, such ads do not necessitate any form of behavioral action by the viewer. Consequently, consumers can at times physically avoid by closing intrusive ads such as pop ups, which are interruptive and requires immediate response (Kalia & Mishra 36). In general, both banner and pop ups ads tend to have a negative effect on consumers as they are annoying and extensively intrusive in form (Kalia & Mishra 36). Despite their relevancy and ease of notice, banner ads are not that effective since many consumers ignore or accord them little attention, this compromises success of message delivery.

Subsequently, when comparing pop up ads to in – line ads, the former has a large negative significant effect on consumers than the latter (Kalia & Mishra 36). This is because pop- up ads severely lowers consumers’ retention and ad content thereby affecting message delivery. Due to this, pop ups are not that efficient with regard to communication and delivery of information from advertisers to consumers. This is attributed to the annoying and intrusive nature, which reduces their attractiveness and urge of view by consumers. Consumers would rather close them whenever they appear than watch as a result of their irritative nature.

Conversely, increased consumer awareness can at times be brainwashing thus, lead to confusion and manipulation by the advertiser and therefore earning numerous benefits as opposed to the consumer (Rahul 6).  Since online advertising has a great connection with consumer decisions on purchase of goods or services, it therefore emerges as having a significant influence on the consumer behavior. Therefore, advertisers need to be cautious with the kind of information provided online as it has a great impact on consumer behavior (Srivastava 461). Any misleading message from the advertisers could have a significant impact on consumer behavior, which can erode any meaningful gain accrued in the earlier periods.

Additionally, online advertising could also establish negative thoughts among consumers. For instance, it can explicitly promote sex related issues and thus turn harmful more so to the younger viewers. For instance, some ads explicitly display nude and sexual photos and images to consumers (Yasmeen et al. 9; Kalia & Mishra 36). This can surely poison minds of younger consumers thereby encouraging them to engage in sexual acts while still young. As a result of such negative influence, many lives could be ruined, a lot of resources wasted as many parents regret and condemn the negative effect of internet on their children.

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In conclusion, improvement in internet technology has enhanced importance of the www more so, in online marketing. Marketers now have the best and most efficient means to advertise their products and services and with a great surety of ad message reaching target audience. Consequently, consumers have now the perfect avenue to search whatever they need and even purchase them in one place without the need to physically move. All this has been attributed to the effectiveness of online marketing. Despite all these benefits, online marketing has various effects (both positive and negative) on consumers. Positive effects have been advantageous and thus, led to great improvement in living standards of the consumers. However, negative effects have caused some trouble to the consumers which, must be carefully analyzed and addressed by marketers. When this is done, online advertisement will be the best gift from technology to both consumers and marketers.

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