Business report: recycling program

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The environment we live needs to be maintained and conserved for the coming generations. Humanity should be conscious in matters of the environment. Most of the countries in the third world experience challenges in the maintenance of the environment. In the United States, most states struggle with the issue of dumping. According to the report from the agencies in the United States, discard wastes are considerably the greatest challenge in the environmental pollution. North America societies are the most affected states regarding the disposal of the waste products. According to the American Environmental Protection Agencies, they reported that about 0.2 billion tons of the wastes products disposed of in the environment come from the homesteads and business industries that can recycle their wastes and cut the problem of pollution. For this reason, the people in the North America states developed strategies that will aid in the reduction of the wastes into the landfills. The recycling industries have managed to control much in the situation although still much needs to be done. For this reason, the West Coast College intervened and developed recycling industry that will produce about 121 million plastic park benches yearly.

The management of the school decided to initiate the program of recycling industries to combat the growing of waste disposal in the North America states. With the aid of the communities through regulations that required each resident to separate the bottle from the plastics and newspapers for natural recycling process, the college managed to set the industries in in the region that aimed at producing those plastic products that served the whole of the North America.

The west coast reprocessing package

For the community to reduce rubbish disposal in the North America the west coast recycling program was initiated. The program was under the management of the college that aimed in operation for a technical reprocessing program. The program specialized in the reusing of the aluminum cans; the plastic paper bags, the plastic containers, glasses and the computer papers. The campus management’s aid in the facilitation of the company’s processing program through locating the recycling bins all around the campus corners. There is a selected team of students that oversees the ongoing of the activities in the reprocessing program. The campus also under the operation of the Office of Association of Students (OAS) manages the advertisements and coordinates the responsibilities of the community in running the recycling programs.

Purpose of this study

The program had started with much expected out as the result of better law material readily available. The program under the management of the Office of Association of Students (OAS) started two years ago, during the time that the program started the products that it supplied was much in demand by the consumers considering the present time ( Cahan,2013). The College realized a good profit at the pick that alarmed the community to raise the competition that resulted in the related creation of more industries around. Today’s achievements and outcomes are much lower than the expectations, thus the program has downfalls that are disappointing in the current period. Therefore our studies in the program are determined by finding out the challenges related to the poor results in the recycling program. Recommendations for the increasing productivity in the programs will be laid down about participation strategies pertaining to the program of recycling.

The products from the recycling plant are not much supplied in the surrounding university community. These have lowered the business income drastically. Typically the business of recycling starts generating profit given that it has to operate in one full year  ( Cahan,2013). But with the OAS the market has lagged more than two years. Considering that it has raw materials readily, its yields per year would have grown to ascertaining level. Thus the question of management should be studied about its business plan strategies.

My studies also will majorly touch on the customers’ flow and the relationship between the supply and the consumption plan. Given that the company started with the higher level of supply that currently is drastically descending.

Scores of this study

  • My research aimed at grasping and investigating on the attitudes of the participants toward the issue of recycling in general.
  • How the students in the campus perceived the conveniences of the recycle bins that were located in the corners around the institute.
  • How the consumers viewed the reused products that the program was meant to produce in the company, the demand for the products and the supply.
  • The investigations overlooked at the issue of the participant’s awareness of the idea in the campus recycling program.
  • In the same investigations, I was concerned to know how the campus was willing to embrace the issue of recycling.
  • An interest in the finance costs also was among the list of an investigation.

Sources and methods

I consulted the campus management office under the office Association student to find out how the business of the recycling industries was profitable, the challenges that they faced and how they tackled such issues if they ascended. I consulted the current business journals and the media business papers for background information and related them to the business in the project of recycling (Hollusha,2015). I compelled the information and formulated a business questionnaire which helped me in interviewing the administrators on the campus, the staff, faculty and all the students in the West Coast College in general.

Conclusion based on findings

I drew my conclusions after my research as follows;

  • The cooperation of the community that was meant to separate the raw materials that the program depended greatly isolated itself from their activities.
  • The consumers of the plastic materials recycled in the company were no longer in much demand since the community engaged in the making of the same products.
  • Most of the students gave up in the program, and they were unwilling to participate in the recycling business.
  • Most of the people were unaware of the business and the strategies that were laid in the program activities, like the bins located in the campus to collect the raw materials.
  • The advertisements and posters that advertise the business are not located in the community business center. Therefore making it difficult for the people to know about the products.


  • After considering the full findings of my research and conclusion of the same study, I decide to offer the following recommendations:
  • The Office of Association of Student should increase the community and the campus awareness in matters of the program and increase not only the visibility of the business advertise but also create luring logos for the firm promotions.
  • To inform the people about the right allocations of the bins, teaching the importance of cooperation and sensitizing them on the need to work towards the same goal of conserving the natural environment (Hollusha,2015). Also, engage the community in learning the income that the program is meant to generate.
  • On the issue of bins again the management should add the number of bins and poster them with the type of selected material that should be disposed of in them, the will increase the efficiency of the production through organizing and facilitating the law materials.
  • The management should recruit more students in the program; their main work in the program will be defined to promote the participation of the recycling project.
  • The management should select the best marketing program to do the advertisement and promotions of the product.
  • Advance an inducement program for student administrations. Propose motivations for conference OAS reprocessing goals. On-campus groups could contest in reprocessing determinations designed to increase money for the group. Money from the incomes of the recycling program could be used to reserve the inducement program.

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  1. Cahan, V. (2013, July 17). Waste not, want not? Not necessarily. Business Week, de Blanc, S. (2011, December). Paper recycling: How to make it effective. The Office, 32-33.
  2. Hollusha, J. (2015, July 26). Mixed benefits from recycling. The New York Times, D2.
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