Intelligence, Surveillance, and Human Reconnaissance

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Human Reconnaissance on the Targets

Target:  Mr. Adam Gadahn of California State is alleged to collude with terrorist attackers, and faces treason charges for helping in the planning of terror attacks in the United States of America. Intelligence revealed that Mr. Adam maintains contact with the alleged perpetrators hence a positive lead in the investigation of a planned terror attack in Florida.

Deployment: Three undercover investigators whereby they operate alternatively through different locations. The primary location is at his residence whereas a second location will be identified as relevant to the facts of the investigation. The third investigator is mobile and covers all other locations not covered by the two investigators. Three taxis will also be provided on a rotational basis to prevent traceability or even raising suspicion.

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Timeline: Two investigators are due to start work with immediate effect to catch up on the latest turn of events. The third investigator chips in during the investigation estimated to be after 48 hours.

Location: Mr. Adam residence in California and his agricultural farms at Las Vegas. The mobile investigators follow Mr. Adam and establish a record of his path and destinations over the course of the investigation. The third investigator will take a position at a location of interest that may arise.

Reason: The three undercover agent close follows the movement of Mr. Adam to identify other possible accomplices, new evidence and other suspicious activities in relation to a well-orchestrated terror attack plan on the Christian congregation in Florida.

Execution:  The recent actions of Mr. Adam indicates that he might be assembling the equipment and materials as well as coordination through the plan since he is well suited as a US national to execute an excellent plan. The three agents will be in touch to ensure nothing slips out of the investigation ensuring all the relevant details is collected.

Target:  Mary Lou Hoskins of Phoenix, Arizona is alleged to be in contact with his brother in law, Norr Aziz Uddin an international assailant and a suspect in a terror attack being planned.

Deployment: One investigator is assigned the task of spying on the target, and also one of the Hoskins close neighbor and friend will also play a role to ensure the investigation goes on swiftly. The coordination of the investigator and the close friend is crucial to the success of the investigation.

Timeline: The investigator will have up to 72 hours to set up the investigation camp efficiently and ready an excellent plan to gain access to the target’s residence and life.

Location: According to intelligence, Mary Lou Hoskins’ residence in Arizona is within a populated area hence easy to target without raising undue suspicions.

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Reason: The undercover agent with the help of the wiretap will disclose all the information about her actions, and communication which may reveal crucial details about the plan and also let a lead at other accomplices making it easier to narrow down on specific people and targets. Her close friend serves the role of building trust between the target and the investigator.

Execution:  The undercover agent will convince and win over the trust of a close friend within the neighborhood to gain access to Mary Lou Hoskins’ residence and implant wiretaps at a various point within the home. The undercover agent also maintains a close link with Mary Lou Hoskins and her trusted friend to ensure that he actively spies on the target while posing as a friend.

Reconnaissance Execution Mechanism

The reconnaissance will engage a combined approach whereby an open interaction between the investigator and the target will enable them to observe the target. The free interaction does not mean to establish a deep connection but only grant access to the residence and personal life of the target. Moreover, the close friend identifies as a confidential informer to the investigator.  The investigator also relies on the help of the wiretap planted in the target’s house to record communications and behaviors while within the house. The combined approach on reconnaissance ensures that comprehensive investigation is conducted and detailed information about Mary Lou Hoskins connections to the planned terror attack in the city of Florida. The investigation also digs into other possible linkages of Mary Lou Hoskins with any other activities and crimes committed by her brother-in-law.

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Reconnaissance Resources

The reconnaissance involves the deployment of both internal investigative agents from the agents as well as enjoining of few outsiders to aid in the investigation of the two primary accomplices to the planned terror attack. The reconnaissance schedule assembles the essential needs and resources to facilitate the successful completion of the investigation. The reconnaissance also identifies the need for three taxis to coordinate the investigation hence the taxi drivers are enjoined as part of the investigation. The taxi drivers would be better be selected from with the agency for consistency and excellent coordination in the team. The financial requirement for the exercise is estimated to be $5,000.00.

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