Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

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Making your existing LinkedIn profile professional.

First step

Enter your login details on the LinkedIn page. From your browser’s address bar, please note LinkedIn URL

Second step

From your LinkedIn feed found towards the top left-hand side, click the blue link saying “Update your profile”.

Third step

Add/update your profile photo by clicking the camera icon at the top of your LinkedIn page. Then add the headline/title “Student Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)”, which you accomplish by clicking on the pen/writing symbol adjacent to the profile photo.

Fourth step

On the top-right hand side of your LinkedIn page, click the blue button/icon titled “Add new profile section”, which generates a drop-down list displaying links to background, skills, and accomplishments.

Click on title “Background” and add work experience as follows:

  1. Title: Dental Assistant
  2. Company: Waimanalo Health Center – Waimanalo, 96795, HI
  3. Location: Waimanalo
  4. From: August 2012
  5. To: May 2013
  6. Description should read, “I managed patient care, office duties and laboratory assignments in a multi-specialty dentistry group comprising of five dentists and three dental assistants. I exposed and processed dental X-rays, maintained patient records and assisted office managers with patient scheduling, billing and insurance claims. I also educated patients on post-operative and general dental care. I maintained, cleaned and sterilized medical equipment. Also, I maintained a positive environment, optimized patient comfort and safety.”
  7. Upload your Resume.
  8. Save the changes

Repeat the procedure from step a through h to add your work experience in the position of Youth and Child Program Leader/aide (AMR).

Go back to Background by clicking on the blue button/icon titled “Add new profile section”, and select “Education “to fill in the information as follows.

  1. School: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
  2. Degree: Biomedical Photographic of Communication
  3. Field of Study: Medicine
  4. Grade: N/A
  5. Activities and Society: Add your involvement in extra-curricular activities.
  6. From: 2016
  7. To: 2019
  8. Description: Biomedical Photographic of Communication Expecting to graduate 2019
  9. Save the changes.

Repeat the procedure from step 1 to 9 to include education information for all you previous learning institutions: University of Hawaii, Hawaii School of Dental Arts – Honolulu, Honolulu Community College – Honolulu, and President William McKinley High School – Honolulu, HI.

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Go back to Background by clicking on the blue button/icon titled “Add new profile section”, and select “Volunteer experience “to fill in the information as follows:

  1. Organization: Castle Medical Hospital
  2. Role: Occupational therapy
  3. Cause: Social services
  4. Date: Enter start and end date.
  5. Description: Describe the volunteer role
  6. Save the changes

Repeat steps a through f to include you volunteer experience at Waimanalo Dental Health and Hale HO Aloha Nursing Home.

Revisit the blue button/icon titled “Add new profile section”, and select “Skills “to fill in the information as follows:

Medical photographic images, Mastery of the American Sign Language (ASL), proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Mac, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Competencies include CPR, First Aid and AED.

Revisit the blue button/icon titled “Add new profile section”, and select “Accomplishments “to fill in the information as follows:

Add any information regarding Certifications and Courses as well as Projects and Honors/awards you have received. Also, you may add other information related to community organizations including your “wealth of experience I have acquired by doing volunteering work at the elderly home”.

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Fifth step

Using the LinkedIn search button, enter “medical company” to find organizations, professional groups, and connections with LinkedIn presence and follow them by clicking on the button/icon saying “Connect” or “Send InMail”.

Also, use the LinkedIn button to search for your former employers. Enter the words “Waimanalo Health Center” and “MWR Aliamanu” to access members of these organizations with LinkedIn presence and make connections.

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