Public Speaking: Self-evaluation

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The opportunity to deliver my speech on The Adventures of a Military Brat was terrific and gave me a chance to explore my public speaking abilities. My evaluation highlights some of the areas that I did well and those that I need to improve on in my next speech. First I believe that I have an excellent introduction, summary of my adventures and a final creative thought. At the same time, I feel that I managed to explain the fundamental ideas comprehensively throughout the presentation. Lastly, my dressing code was in line with the message delivered hence playing a significant role in capturing the attention of my audience and enhancing their ability to follow the presentation. I also tried to induce some humor during my presentation which worked pretty well.

Despite the significant achievements in my first speech, I experienced some challenges during the activity. From my evaluation, I believe that I had an average ability to capture the attention of the audience using the introductory message. Therefore, I have to improve on the content to catch the attention. Secondly, while presenting, I failed to maintain an eye contact with my audience and kept reading more than speaking. Further, I was not able to use teaching aids effectively. I did not utilize my globe efficiently while presenting my speech. At the same time, I can utilize the other available visual aids like videos and charts. Lastly, I was leaning on the podium during the question and answer session. Instead, I should have moved around and utilized the entire stage. Nevertheless, the experience was great and gave me an opportunity to learn on public speaking.

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