Research Designs

Subject: 🏥 Health Care
Type: Compare and Contrast Essay
Pages: 1
Word count: 474
Topics: Breast Cancer, Alcoholism, Health
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1. What is the relationship between alcohol and breast cancer?

Appropriate research design

This question can be best addressed through a correlational research design that uses different methodologies and case studies to substantiate the theoretical frameworks regarding the relationship between alcohol and blood cancer. Use of case study examples and the medical observation journals would act as effective secondary research materials

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Strengths of the design

This design is easier to apply since the secondary materials required for case study analysis are easily available.

Weakness of the design

Does not provide up-to-date information and the information could be shallow since different patients have varying conditions.

Rationale for the design

This design can be justified by the fact that it’s primarily through existing medical conditions that we can try to establish the relationship between alcohol and breast cancer. Case studies will be most important to study the patterns and variations (Edmonds & Kennedy, 2017).

2. How effective are anti-depressive medications on anxiety and depression?

Appropriate research design

The most appropriate research design for this research question would be a semi-experimental research design involving a series of experiments on depressed patients to calculate the extent of relief experienced by patients taking these medications compared to other anti-depressants.

Strength of the design

The information collected through the experiments is usually reliable as it shows a verifiable impact of anti-depressive medications on the patients suffering anxiety and medication.

Weakness of the design

This research design could be complicated and time-consuming to estimate the exact degree of relief caused by anti-depressants on a patient.

Rationale of the design

This method is the most appropriate since it involves direct experimentation and provides first-hand information (Nieswiadomy & Bailey, 2017).

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3. What is the difference in attitudes of males and female college students towards condoms?

Research design

A descriptive research design is the most important to establish the difference in attitudes between male and female college students towards condoms. This would involve surveys and interviews where the researcher would record the description of each respondent and sample the responses to qualitatively and quantitatively answer the research question (Garner & Scott, 2013).

Strength of the design

This design is easy and can be applied to a good number of respondents through questionnaire surveys which are less complicated.

Weakness of the design

The research findings may be biased since some college students may shy off from the kind of survey that seems to infringe on their privacy.

Rationale for the design

This design is the most applicable to this case since the research questions rely on personal descriptions by the college students to establish the difference in attitudes towards condoms.

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