Event sustainability policy

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Our Event Management Consultancy Team fully understands that achieving our business goals is just as important as achieving sustainability for present and future generations. After all, we depend on the environment to sustain our business and in the same way the environment should depend on us to sustain at it at the best level possible. This event sustainability policy aims at demonstrating the high level of integration of environmental sustainability practices into every aspect of our operations.

First, we do not endorse the use of pollutants or toxic materials. Materials used in the event are biodegradable so as to ensure the level of pollution is kept at bay and if possible reduced significantly (Getz, D., 2009, 342). A clean-up session has also been scheduled at the end of the event since there is no guarantee that toxins from external sources will not be brought to the event.

The event supports the utilization of renewable energy. The main source of power will come from solar panels. A backup source of power in the form of windmills will also be installed just to make sure everything is running smoothly. These sources of power are most suitable since they are stable, do not deplete resources and do not emit harmful waste or byproducts (GOGO Events, 2015).

With the importance of clean water rising on a daily basis, this event will use recycled water for mechanical processes that do not involve direct human consumption while keeping water wastage at a minimum. Appropriate systems for harvesting rainwater are also in place so as to supplement the current water volume in storage. Clean drinking water will be provided to guests in environment-friendly containers thus the use of plastic bottles is highly discouraged. Just in case one finds it necessary to use non-biodegradable plastics, an appropriate garbage bin will be present for disposal.

This event will require all participating suppliers and partners to employ the most efficient and environment-friendly processes in all activities. These processes will be subject to inspection by the events team and if they do not meet the required standards such as the maximum emissions level allowed, then they can be rejected, changed or improved where possible.

As for all travel-related activities, the event will incorporate the use of electric cars for long distances and bicycles for shorter distances. This will ensure emissions resulting from travel are maintained at zero. Cycling also offers an added advantage in that it is a form of exercise that is very beneficial to the body (Bramwell, B., 2000, 13).

The event will also host a very short seminar on the importance of a clean environment only for interested parties. This will serve to promote awareness on the need to take care of our environment and the best ways to achieve this. Participants will be encouraged to spread the knowledge so as to contribute further in building a better future.

Lastly, the event will also employ the use of professional standard sound equipment at reasonable volumes so to prevent noise pollution and any disruption to the surrounding communities. This also protects participants and non-participants from auditory complications.

In conclusion, it is safe to assume that the all considerations concerning the well-being of the environment have been made and appropriate actions taken.

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