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Elon Musk is the wealthiest man in the world. His wealth creation has been based on technology. Elon’s passion for technology has enabled him to develop and initiate many Tech companies, for instance, Tesla, PayPal, Twitter, and Space X, among many innovations in the technology industry (Towey, 2022). As an influential businessman, Elon Musk has established a contemporary history in the business world. Musk’s background indicates he is focused and technologically oriented since Elon created computer games at twelve. Musk attained an education majorly in technology which enabled him to streamline his career. He co-founded a software company Zip2, created X.com, Space X, manufacturer of Tesla, and has now acquired Twitter, one of the greatest social media in the world. Elon Musk is globally recognized as an influential business person because most of his innovations and technological acquisition significantly impact people’s lives.

Date of Birth, Place of Birth Family, and the Current Location of Residence

Elon Musk was born on the 28th of June in 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa, to a Canadian mother who was a model and a South African father, an engineer (Gregersen, 2022). Musk’s siblings included Kimbal and Tosca, whom they lived together even after the divorce of their parents when he was ten years old (Biography.com Editors, 2022). After attaining the age of seventeen, Elon Musk migrated to Canada and attended Queensland University to avoid compulsory military service in South Africa. As a result, he attained Canadian citizenship and later moved to the United States because he was sure it would be easy to obtain US citizenship (Biography.com Editors, 2022). In 2002 Musk was given US citizenship and is currently a Los Angeles, California resident. Currently, Elon Musk has ten children and is married to Talulah Riley.

Educational Background

Elon Musk began his education in South Africa at the primary and high school levels. When he was seventeen, he moved to Canada and was admitted to Queensland University. In 1992 he joined the University of Pennsylvania to study physics and business, graduated with a degree in economics, and continued pursuing physics. Next, he joined the University of Stanford to study Ph.D. in energy physics but dropped out in the emergence of the internet boom and launched his first company in 1995 called Zip2 Corporation.

Professional Experience

Musk’s professional experience dates back to when he was around twelve years when he created a video game (Gregersen, 2022). His passion for computers and technology drives his current achievements (Gregersen, 2022). Elon Musk’s college enrollment to study physics and business influenced his professional experience. He achieved knowledge and skill about technology through physic classes and translated the theory into a practical venture after dropping out of a Ph.D. One of his experiences in corporative was when he acquired shares in Zip 2 corporation (Gregersen, 2022). At this level of his career, he struggled to obtain finances from investors to run the corporation. The corporation’s success resulted in him obtaining around $22 million for his 7% share and later investing about half of the money in X.com Company (Gregersen, 2022). The company was like an online bank that attracted many customers in a short period. He later invested in PayPal, an online money transfer platform worldwide. Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial mentality has also helped him to establish and acquire many companies like Space X, Tesla, and Twitter (Towey, 2022). In this case, his experiences with technology and business are the baseline for his success as the wealthiest man

Major Achievements

Elon Musk has become the richest man in the world, which is undoubtedly one of his most impressive accomplishments (Mille, 2022). Because of the diversified investments made in technological research and development, this goal has been accomplished. His wealth is estimated at $219 billion (Mille, 2022). Furthermore, because of the diversity of the businesses he runs, he has, directly and indirectly, employed millions of people all over the globe. Musk’s entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, guidance, and motives have earned him many accolades and honors. One of the numerous prizes and accomplishments he has received is the Axel Springer Award in 2020 (Real Hero, 2022). He was also named businessman of the year 2020 by fortune magazine and was selected as a peer-elected leader in the National Academy of Engineering.


Elon Must has developed to be among the world’s most prominent people. This is due to his innovation in entrepreneurship and technology. His involvement in the tech industry has provided solutions to changes in business dynamics while motivating and creating employment opportunities for many people. Elon’s passion for technology ensured the success of his career through positive changes and opportunities he utilized to achieve success. His professional experience has enabled him to understand market demand and utilize opportunities to initiate growth and development as a person and businessman running any organization. Elon Musk’s persistence in entrepreneurship and technology and consistency in innovation has enabled him to achieve significant wealth and awards.

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