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This paper analyzes and keenly examines the procedure by which Watson comes up with answers for Jeopardy. Watson is described as a question answering computer system that is developed in IBM’s DeepQA. It is a very interesting system as it is capable of interpreting language and giving also capable of answering questions.

Watson takes up a lot of time and space and putting it on the game show Jeopardy would be a way of testing computer intelligence against human intelligence. Some may argue that this study was not the appropriate way to test intelligence of a computer as it may have had several loopholes like variating human IQ level, but others would say it is okay to try and see what would happen and who would win. Watson is supposed to analyze numerous books of varying fields so as to be able to answer the questions in the game show, Jeopardy. Because Watson is able to grasp numerous amount of information, it is not connected to the internet during the game show and is to rely on its own artificial intelligence (ark-invest, 2017).

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The problem with this would be that the computer system is set to answer questions that compares its relevance to that of the human mind and putting it on a game show to determine if the computer is brighter than the human mind. This game show may be different in that it gives answers and one should come up with the suitable question. Watson can solve complex issues but it finds it a challenge to understand the simpler questions, or rather those that it finds it is unsure of. This can be solved by increasing Watson’s exposure to broader range of information.

In conclusion, Watson is in need of improvement and this can be achieved easier than other items.


I agree that having a machine engage in a game show would not have been the best way to test its intelligence but it was the best way of comparing machine intelligence to that of human beings. There would have been numerous other ways of doing this, but they chose putting it in a game show. Though it was a good way of testing its intelligence against that of humans, it has its perks as well. Watson is a highly developed advanced artificial intelligence, it did stand a chance against two human beings. This is because it could pick up a large amount of information from the books as well as sites it was exposed to. Watson answers based on clues and responses its given using the algorithms it has and consider the clues given ( It is important to understand that there is the problem that having knowledge from a wide range of books may cause in a game show, such as contradiction as well as similarity in content. This is why the machine at times gave wrong answers (Sputnik, 2015)

At the time, Watson would have made an exemplary example of demonstration of machine intelligence. One of the reasons would be because it was something that had never been done before, putting a machine on a gameshow, thus it set a goal for other software engineering programs. It can be said to be similar to that of humans because it is able to reason as well as is able to go down to its memory and retrieve information. This makes it one of the best examples of a machine demonstrating intelligence levels similar to those of humans and managing to win the gameshow may show that it may be more intelligent than humans (Engineering intelligence, 2011)

Watson can be used for businesses as a good customer care consultant. This is because of its wide range of knowledge that enables it to find solutions very fast. It is also able to understand the questions asked and interpret the information therefore giving brilliant answers to the questions it is asked. It is also impossible for Watson to forget information uploaded into it. Businesses that get a lot of customer feedback and questions would be best suited to apply Watson to cater for their customer service sector. Thus it can make a great customer service representative (The Verge, 2013)

Beyond Jeopardy, there are other areas Watson can be used for. This is because artificial intelligence is faster than the human brain when it comes to perceiving information. Watson can be used for numerous activities like in the banking sector, in the health sector, by travelling agencies, the finance sector as well as in the processes of home buying. It will have to use its intelligence to secure these sectors which will not prove to be a challenge to Watson (Prezi, 2015)

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Alfresco is a growing company that aims to creating an aid to the sending of information faster as well as being suitable for organization as well as giving collaboration features where by you can send documents to many people all at once. It is fast and efficient as well as easy to use(

Alfresco is packed with numerous benefits for both students and businesses. It has come up with business applications that can be accessed by use of cellphones from anywhere. This way, alfresco has made it easier for the general public to access their services. Alfresco also comes up with the doing away of attachments that were previously the only way to send a document through email. This makes sending of emails not only easier but also way more affordable and tracing of the document is also easier than looking for an attachment in email. It is also cheap and easy to use (alfresco case study, 2008)

Alfresco however, like all other companies has challenges of its own. It faces numerous competition from companies that are alike to it. This may have a great effect on the usage of alfresco. Competition at times may be bad for business. Alfresco also has a problem when it comes to sending large documents. This is because large documents require a lot of space to take up as well as other underlying challenges. Alfresco could also have the disadvantage that content transformation is absent. There are a number of ways to deal with these challenges (cygnet infotech, 2017)

Competition can always be a challenge and the best way to deal with it would be to outdo the competition. So far, alfresco as met with a number of similar applications and has had to upgrade its services. This would be a good way to outdo the competition. It could also opt to add content transformation so as to improve its service. Alfresco has done a good job managing to solve problems like that of the New York Philharmonic and bringing about technological development in that sector. (technological service group, 2018)

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In conclusion, alfresco has indeed managed to improve its works and gain favor to numerous individuals. This has in turn aided in its growth.


Alfresco is able to support a mobile business environment as it is available even in the form of an app for cellphones. This makes it a lot easier to access all the information needed: including emails and documents from one’s cellphone thus making it suitable for a mobile business environment. If you are connected to the cloud, you are connected to your information from anywhere where you are.

Alfresco is superior to email for a number of reasons. It has don ways with email attachments. This makes it easier to share files, collaborating as well as organizing documents. Through alfresco, you can access a document sent to you by another by just accessing them. Multiple colleagues can gain access to the information sent because it is possible to create a site and send information to many people at once. This makes it superior to email by far (Formtek, 2017).

The city of Denver started using alfresco when they saw the numerous benefits it carries. The city holds numerous individuals and it found it necessary to use alfresco when they wanted to achieve long term strategy at lower cost as well as making information on it online thus easy and fast to access as well as implement. It was also able to create a suitable base for individuals to access information on the city they live in. transparency was made easier and individuals from the general public could find the system easy to use. This made Alfresco a superiority over other information technologies (City of Denver case study, 2011)

Denver says it wishes to automate the business sector without any interference in city service. It is also working on improving citizen engagement through developing technology (Alfresco, 2014).

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New York Philharmonic is filled with so much history and pieces of music. It incorporated Alfresco so as to cater for its technological sector, where they can provide information via online services without having to make individuals travel all the way to New York to gather this information. The technological implement had to be affordable as well as satisfying their needs. This is why they had to incorporate alfresco to id them in this (Alfresco, 2014).

Alfresco provided numerous benefits to New York Philharmonic because it was flexible and reliable. It created a stable core to incorporate digital material which was what the New York Philharmonic required. It was also able to provide a simple filing system which was able to create a simple way to orderly organize documents (Technology service group, 2011)

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