Establishing a New Recruitment Interview Process using Business Modeling Software

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The preparation of procedures manual entails stages and specific processes that encompass writing a preliminary outline, drafting the proposal, designing a brochure, detailing the preparation plan, and ultimately coming out with the final procedures manual. Through the various stages, one enhances awareness on the intricate details and elements of design that need to be incorporated in the final outcome to ensure that the proposed manual serves the purpose it is initially intended for.

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The procedures manual containing all the crucial elements from all the diverse stages of literary work and design is proffered herewith in its entirety.  This procedures manual would present the manual overview and solution, the detailed procedural requirements, the benefits to the users, and finally, the author’s information.

Chapter 1. Procedures Manual Overview and Solution

Manual Overview

There is a regulatory-based and cultural component to new human resource practices that involves establishing a new recruitment interview process that improves skills applications using business modeling software. The objective of the project is to improve organizational communication between members. The procedures include setting up a process for delivering the materials to the individual working with the software and the proffer the role of the human resource facilitator in the pursuit of identifying top talent with skills that fit the business goals.

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Software training is a main component to developing talent within the business and this new regulatory-based and strategic method of building human capital should also extend into the recruitment process. In essence, actions speak louder than words. Potential users of the software are human resources personnel.

Potential Users of the Software

The potential users of the software are human resources personnel, particularly the potential candidates of the proposed software for the recruitment interview process. In addition, the role of human resources facilitator, in the capacity of the HR manager, is crucial as the person identified to interpret and analyze the results and to recommend screened candidates for possible positions in the organization. Identification of accurate users for the proposal is crucial to ensure that the proposed benefits would be understood and could easily be compared to their current process of conducting the interview process in their organization.

The Solution

The implementation of the software program that would enhance recruitment process required the clear and accurate identification of major procedures for the potential users, to wit: mapping, auditing and expert support. Mapping can be accomplished by discussing with HR leadership their own job role (interview) and then identifying with the information systems technology department and supports and maintains these systems.

Auditing of identified information or perceptions of job role should be included in the process and in the final copy regarding software integrity as related to individual scoring on the final results of the skills competency test.

Expert support is required only if the environment does not sustain enough technical job knowledge that might include external consultants if the role remains unclear, therefore acting as a benchmark for best practice.

Chapter 2. Detailed Procedural Requirements for Software Implementation

  1. Identification of software capabilities. Ensure that the recruited candidate clearly identifies their software capabilities prior to launching a skills development session, thus draw out questions such as having the candidate identify their knowledge of key software systems not necessarily listed on their resume one is using for reference.
  2. Tangible production of supplementary skills development tools. The candidate should have provided notebooks, procedural guidelines related to software, and full knowledge that this is a skills assessment test designed to measure competency and also their fit in the organizational technologically-minded culture.
  3. Discussion or results. Have the client discuss the results of the testing procedures and offer a short opinion survey about its benefits.
  4. Compare the candidate assessment of the training effectiveness or value and measure it with test scores. The goal is to determine whether the candidate will maintain a realistic self-view or whether they will “blame” the software for their poor scoring (if applicable) so as to help the business leadership realize whether the candidate is a quality match for the needs of the business and would operate successfully in a deadline-driven and accountability-driven environment.
  5. Secure the results of the test score and the opinion survey (or other chosen instrument) together and place in a recruitment file for later review by business professionals. For liability purposes, this will ensure all mandates regarding recording are recognized and the file can be easily located by other personnel with authorization to view these files.
  6. Document the final test score in the appropriate ledger with the demographic profile of the candidate and other factors that identify a unique candidate profile. This ledger also acts as a quick reference tool for business leadership and marketing when it comes to advertising new candidates.
  7. Repeat the procedure for the next candidate scheduled for interview. Pay special attention to the testing outcomes and always compare to the previous results as a base for drawing logical conclusions about best fit competence for the culture.
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Chapter  3. Major Benefits of the Procedures Manual

  • The procedures manual would present relevant details in the most concise and accurate way to apprise readers of the crucial highlights of the process.
  • Readers and users who need to allot more time to review and evaluate the contents, details in enumerated procedures could be accessed anywhere and anytime.
  • The users would be oriented on the pertinent details in the proper order as stipulated in the manual; thereby eliminating confusion, misunderstanding, and ambiguity in the process.

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