Events of the ovarian and menstrual (uterine) cycles

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Ovarian and uterine cycles can be used to describe the cycle which leads to pregnancy. As such, the ovarian cycle describes the changes likely to occur in the ovary’s follicles whereas the uterine period outlines the changes occurring in the endometrial lining of the uterus (Klossner, 53). The changes occur naturally in the women’s reproductive system, in preparation for pregnancy. The changes are stimulated by various hormones such as the estrogen and the follicle stimulating hormone. In the reproductive system, the ovaries and uterus react to these hormones, which are controlled by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus in the body.

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The first stage of the ovarian cycle is the follicular phase, in which the ovarian follicle matures, grows rapidly due to FSH, and one of the follicles matures and ovulates, while the rest die (MARIE, np. The dominant follicle stimulates estrogen production thus thickening the uterus lining in preparation for implantation and pregnancy. Ovulation is the second stage of the ovarian cycle, where the luteinizing hormone stimulates the release of the mature egg cell. The egg cell is closed by the ruptured follicles and changes to corpus luteum. This is followed by luteal phase, the estrogen level increases, leading to some changes, for instance, the breasts feel tender and swell, and this prepares the individual for pregnancy. The next stage is luteolysis in which the luteum degenerates in case pregnancy has not occurred. Lastly, successful pass of the stages leads to pregnancy.

The menses phase is the first stage of the uterine cycle, where the unneeded tissues shed and thickens the wall. Proliferative phase is the second stage, the tissues regenerate. This stimulates the secretory phase, which is the last stage of the cycle. In this stage, the glands and arteries regenerate to supply tissues and nutrients, in preparation for the pregnancy.

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