Global Warming Evaluation Essay

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In the past one decade, the world has been struggling with the problem of global warming. Different organizations have come together to deal with the issue with no success. In addition, local, regional, and international bodies have tried to sensitize people on the importance of environmental pollution but little success has been achieved. This paper will therefore, discuss in depth the human actions and failure to take up the necessary measures to rectify the past mistakes as the major causes of global warming.

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In the past two decades, the level of economic competition between developed countries has created the current problem. Countries such as China and United States have intensified their production levels with the aim of taking advantages of globalization. With the liberalization of markets, efficient information flow and the integration of economies, countries are increasing their production level with the aim of taking advantage of an expansive market and high demand for goods and services. Young generation which has a disposable income has become the main target for the companies. However, this has exposed the world to environmental pollution. The reason is that countries are not putting measures that are meant to prevent the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Instead, many of the multinational companies are taking advantage of these gaps to scale up their production levels at the expense of the environment. On the other hand, developing countries are in dire need of investors. As a result, multinational businesses are outsourcing their operations to these countries because they do not have strong regulations to measure the amount of greenhouse gases that is being released into the atmosphere (Haldar, 2011). Some of the developed countries have set up parameters to measure the waste materials and set a cap to ensure that companies observe the limits set. In addition, others have introduced taxes on companies that are releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere. This is forcing these companies to look for new havens where they can easily manipulate the administration and produce products without having to worry about the environment. This has increased the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. The trend explains the reason why the world is struggling with addressing the problem of global warming especially putting into perspective that the impact is already being felt in various parts of the world.

Deforestation is another major cause of global warming. With the increasing population levels in the world, the demand for more space to settle people has risen tremendously. Therefore, authorities are clearing forests without looking for alternatives by planting more trees. Exposed soils release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition, trees use carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Therefore, the reducing number of trees means that less of carbon dioxide is being taken away from the atmosphere. Various attempts have been made to address this problem (Haldar, 2011). For instance, developed countries have introduced the aspect of carbon tax. This entails paying developed countries huge amounts of money for planting trees. However, lack of goodwill coupled by poor governance in these countries has turned out to be a nightmare to the world at large.

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Currently, the number of people residing in urban areas has increased immensely. Young people are moving to urban areas in search for better work and better amenities. Increased population has led to more demand for efficient mode of transport. Lack of the necessary infrastructure has resulted heavy traffic jams. Cars during traffic burn more fossil fuel thereby releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Countries such as China are struggling with the increasing fog resulting from high amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere. Lack of cooperation between the members of the public and the governments has worsened the situation. The reason is that despite the enactment of laws, lack of goodwill from people who are not well enlightened on the impact of global warming has made it hard to achieve any remarkable success.

High population has led to an increase in demand for food across the world. Intensive farming has become a common aspect in an attempt to address the issue of food insecurity. Therefore, farmers are shifting towards heavy reliance of fertilizers and pesticides in an attempt to boost their production levels and meet the escalating demands for food. These chemicals release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere thereby causing global warming. The continuous use of these chemicals has pushed farmers into increasing their quantities in order to retain their yields (Castelanos, 2016). This has made it very hard for the environmentalists to deal with the problem because the world has to balance between the needs of the people and the environment. Attempts to introduce genetically modified crops that use less pesticides and fertilizers have been faced with great resistance from the scholars. Therefore, the world is in a dilemma in regards to the issue of global warming. Furthermore, it is becoming very critical to ensure that there is sustainable development even as the current generation tries to satisfy their interests.

Gases from coal industries and firms that produce cements and other related products have played a significant role in increasing the levels of global warming. Power has become a critical component for economic development of the countries. Therefore, countries are willing to go to any length in providing the population with reliable source of power (Castelanos, 2016). This explains the reason why developed countries have failed to sign agreements that will force them to lower the use of coal which is one of main polluters in the world. Other common causes of global warming include decomposing organic matter.

In conclusion, global warming has become a major threat to sustainable development. However, the increased use of fossil fuels and coal is threatening the existence of the current as well as future generations. With the liberalization of markets, countries are trying to maximize their returns by optimizing the production levels of the local businesses. In addition, these governments are blocking any attempts to set up international laws that will lower the amount of greenhouse gases being released in the atmosphere. Lack of goodwill by leaders to address this problem comprehensively has increased the threats posed by global warming. The few attempts such as the introduction of carbon tax cannot have a major impact. The reason is that developing countries have other important challenges such as unemployment and high poverty levels which require more attention. Therefore, the burden of global warming cannot be left in the hands of a small group of people or countries. The increased use of fertilizers and pesticides are some of the causes that are worsening the current situation. Furthermore, natural phenomenon such as decomposition is also having an impact.

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