Donald Trump Presidency

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Having grown in Vietnam, there are a lot of political lessons that I learned. It has had a great influence on how I view things.  How I approach politics in my current life is determined by how I grew seeing things in Vietnam since I was there since the age of six. Vietnam is a one political party state that is ruled by the Communist Party of Vietnam is responsible for deciding all the major policy issues as well as strategic direction (Balme, 34). Vietnam made me know that it is common for any nation to be ruled by the four royal pillars just as in the case in Vietnam, the Prime Minister, State President, CPV General Secretary as well as the National Assembly Chair (Eidse, 342). However, when I was growing up and learning more through reading and even before I came to Hudson, I was able to understand that there is a lot of political system in various countries. Various political states in a country help to bring about diverse opinions and strategies for a nation. This enhances the ruling of a country. The major policies in Vietnam are retainment of the political status quo, promotion of stability, international integration and also domestic economic development. In Vietnam, I witnessed the leaders of the government and the other party leaders being selected after five years.  After Vietnam, I moved to Houston, a city in Texas. Living here also shaped my political reasoning. This being in a country that is considered the most powerful nation in the world, things were totally different from what was being done in Vietnam. In Houston, I was able to learn about the American political system, how they did their things. This being a nation that is made up of people from different parts of the world, I was able to appreciate their political system and how flexible it was. The United States is a two political party state, unlike Vietnam which is a one party state. I was very concerned about the last general election that was done. Donald Trump was elected the president and he now has over 100 days in the office.

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President Donald Trump to me is mistaken. A lot of people have the varying opinion concerning the person Donald Trump. Personally, I believe Donald Trump is the right president of the United States and also a very successful business person. He believes in his ideologies and does his best to make his presidency one of the best. Donald Trump has been a very successful in all that he has done  (Trump, 9). Having come from a relatively rich family, he did not cling on the family wealth to be the person he is. Only with a small amount that was given to him by his father, he has managed to build an empire and be very strong (Doctor, 44). Furthermore, he has done a lot in his personal life that makes a successful man. He is a hard working person who had a vision, and it is clear he has achieved a lot of them. There is no big difference between Donald Trump the person and Donald Trump, the president (Saltzman, 4). This is to mean that he has the same personality and people at times tend to confuse him of his personality. As a president, he has tried to stand for what he campaigned for. For instance, the building of the great wall to separate America from its enemies was one of his campaign goals (Masri, 33). This was seen vague by most people but Trump being a believer of his words, he has stand firm and is set to build the wall (Bauer, 44). However, there are also some things that he had promised the people of the United States, but he has not yet achieved them. United States of America, my current area of residence and the nation under Donald Trump is the most powerful nations in the world. Any decision that America takes, Donald Trump, may have an impact on the world (Wlezien, 16). For this reason, I feel that Donald in his shortest time he has had in the office requires him to work still extra harder. He is always open-minded and some of his likely decisions can be predicted through his social media posts like Twitter where is very active (Achen, 13) . I believe that Donald Trump policies are to benefit the people of the United States. They will empower the citizens both economically, political and even socially. His policies have mixed reaction among the citizen (Liberman, 17). However, it is important to note that arriving at these policies requires process and more than just Donald Trump to make the decisions. This shows that they are formulated for the well-being of any individual that the policies may have an impact on.

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As a resident of Texan, Trump campaigned for some subjects that will have an impact to all of the people residing in Houston. Some of these are the sanctuary cities, immigration policies, his proposed border wall with Mexico, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Kellner, 1).  I think that Trump has already start deporting people that are illegally residing in the United States. I believe that in the future he will deport more and more of people and it will be difficult to come to the United States and particularly Texas (Weber, 33). However, as a foreigner, I feel that Trump should be flexible a bit in this because America is made up of people from different parts of the world and these are the people that have made America what America is (Smith, 16). Being too tough on foreigners will only lead to a situation where intellectuals will be moving out of the United States, Texas. This will be a huge challenge to the US in general. Judging from his current position and what he has done within the period of the 100 days that he has been in the office, it can be judged that he is likely to implement most of these subjects that he was campaigning for (Dunlap, 15). All these will not have an impact on people residing in Texas if they are legally in Texas. Trump in his presidency is likely to reduce terrorism in the US, give students loan and also improve the Medicare and Medicaid.

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