Health organization marketing strategy

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Prenatal care for pregnant women is an essential necessity to see through a successful pregnancy. In this article, a discussion on how to make sure that the other sixty percent of the expectant mothers who are eligible for the treatment, fully use the benefit, will be held. In order to come up with this analysis, there are of course questions that need to be answered to provide a way forward to make things better.

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What are the strengths of the organization that would be maximized to promote better medical treatment? This is the first question to ask. Being a county health department, means that there is proper equipment to facilitate safe deliveries because the government is in charge of funding the facility. Second, a county health department is a public facility. This means that there is cost advantage over the other facilities because it is affordable and available to everyone. The fact that the expectant mothers who drop out of the program later come back during the emergencies or during labor, means that the health facility has good equipment to facilitate child deliveries. Thus, increasing investment in this equipment would be an added advantage for the health facility. This strength can be helpful in a SWOT analysis.

The fact that the expectant mothers drop out of the program shows that there is a fault in the program. Question is, is there an already damaged reputation on the facility? Alternatively, are there management or staff problems? Staff problems may arise from underpayment by the management or poor working conditions in the facility. This directly affects the public relations with the clients in this case the expectant mothers making them either rude or give poor services to the patients which may make them drop out of the program. This can also contribute to a damaged reputation for the facility. Management problems may result to poor running of the facility because everything that runs in the facility is under a management. All these problems relate. Management issues may include poor payment of staff, which may lower motivation of the staff thus poor relations with the clients, which pushes away the expectant mothers. This maybe a reason why there are cases of expectant mothers dropping out.

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To handle this situation, there are opportunities that present themselves that need to be taken up to recover the sixty percent. Question would be, how best could these opportunities be exploited to the facilities benefit? For instance, there are opportunities like lack of a dominant competition from the other facilities. This is because of the cost for the treatment program being very affordable. There are also opportunities like the availability of new technology for this program. This would be a perfect opportunity because, since the government is in charge, the equipment is very affordable and the cost would still be the same for the treatment. Thus, best technology attracts a multitude because everyone seeks the best health treatments for best results. This would see that the expectant mothers see through their treatment to the end and attract a completely new group of expectant mothers.

There are threats that are affecting the success of the facility. Could a threat be an opportunity to retrieve the expected target of expectant mothers’ population? This would be possible for the facility. For example, a threat like loss of key staff or health associates would mean loss of enrollers in the program. This could be turn into an opportunity to hire better staff for the facility, get the best associates in the market, which would bring all the clients back. Including those that were under the new staff and associates.

Some of the objectives for this facility would be, to make available the best pre-natal and post-natal outpatient services for women as well as immunization for the children. This would be a great give back to the society as well as increase the number of women in the program from the forty percent to a hundred percent. Good treatment encourages frequent visits to the facility as well as attracting more patients to the health facility.

Another aim would be to provide for both the expectant women and the children a well-equipped diagnostic laboratory facility within and a blood bank for cases during emergencies. This would increase the number of saved lives because emergencies happen all the time.

Collaborating with the ministry of health and top organizations like UNICEF to provide training programs for the health workers in the facility, especially the midwives and nurses would be of great impact in the improvement of the services provided during the whole process of the program for the expectant mothers.

There is always a concern on the follow up of the doctors on the expectant mothers’ progress during the pregnancy period. Having many women drop out of the organizations program means that there is no follow up or good relationship between the staff and the expectant mothers. The facility aims at creating a routine with follow up system for all enrolled expectant mothers in the health facility. This will help see through the expectant mothers to the end of their treatment.

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Vision: create a society with the best health services for everybody

In conclusion, having an analysis carried out by answering the above questions answered, would really have a positive impact on the health facility by increasing the percentage of expectant mothers enrolled and having the treatment all through. The objectives share on the vision and mission of the county health facility, which is to provide the best treatment in the county. In the modern society, best pre-natal treatment really matters.

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