Treating animals humanly

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Biologically, animals are defined as organisms forming the Animalia kingdom and are eukaryotic and multicellular. In simpler terms, an animal is a living organism that usually feeds on the organic matter through the specialization of the sensory organs, nervous system and having the ability to respond to the stimuli. However, despite the fact that animals surround us, not very many of us have set up rules that safeguard the rights of the animals. It is necessary for the animals to be treated humanely before slaughtering them into the packaged chicken, pork chops, roasts and ground meat safety. These motions on the issue of slaughtering animals may not be settled, but several departments and people believe inhumane treatment of animals because they deserve it (Armstrong & Botzler, 2016). The fact that animals are ranked next to human being and some of these animals even live under our care is enough reason for treating animals well as it is explained in this paper.

In the Republic of America, human handling is one of the issues that have become very crucial, and it is a right that needs to be done. The public demands that any animal deserves to be treated humanely before they are slaughtered into the packages, and they find their way on our shelves and other commercial services. Federal laws and regulation should be observed for the humane treatment, and some agencies have improved on the approaches to the correct handling of the animals. Board has been set for this matter, Humane Handling Enforcement Coordinator who is supposed to ensure that the humane approach to animals becomes universal. Indeed, it expands the ability of plants to handle and slaughter animals humanely by identification and fixation of procedures resulting to excitement, accidental animal injuries, and discomfort.

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Increasing the awareness in the industries is a very systematic approach that will help the plants to comply with the handling of the regulations humanely which will improve their overall humane care. This is because the movements will let people know that it is wrong and that animals need to be considered too rightfully. The boards that are set to oversee this have also added the slaughter establishments from 28% to 51% to make sure that animals pass through the right hands before the slaughtering. The step will give both small and large slaughter establishments to uphold the humane handling issues, and the humane treatment will be achieved.

Besides the guidance that has been given, the inspectors and the veterinarians have been equipped with practical and situational based training to improve the reinforcement of the human handling law all over the country (Akhtar, 2012). The Food Safety and Inspection Service also came up with 15 District Veterinary Medical Specialists for the evaluation of the plant equipment, facilities and ensuring that animals are treated humanely. The fact that food is ethically necessary and legal, the animals needs to be treated with dignity and respect before getting their way to our dining tables.

In conclusion, animals deserve humane treatment considering the about facts on their existences and the relationship they have with human beings. This is the contrary of what is done by most people because they do not care about the animal’s existence and right, all they do care about is seeing a stake on their dining tables irrespective of the means it has got there. Animals, therefore, needs to be slaughtered observing the humane process that has been outlined and as per the guidance of these agencies.

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