How to Be a Good American

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The United States is epitomized as a melting of cultural and racial diversity. The European, Asian, and Middle Eastern immigration into the US adds to the vibrant culture and diversity of the original inhabitants, the American Natives. America is one of the superpower nations in the world where individuals have a right to equality and a duty. To be a good American means to ensure to remain steadfast in advocating and fighting for fundamental human rights, international cohesion, democracy, and global prosperity.

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Embrace the American Diversity

The history of America history relies on the cultural and ethnic diversity of its citizens. Moreover, the shift in immigration policies over the years adds to its population’s racial and cultural diversity. It is inherent human nature for interracial interactions and associations to elicit mixed reactions and feelings. The fight and struggle for racial cohesion, inclusivity, and social justice have never been a small fete. It has taken the blood and sweat of millions to achieve the current state, although more needs to be done. Importantly, to be a reasonable American means full commitment to its diversity and a sense of unity. The diversity based on race, gender, sexual preferences and orientation, or religion characterizes America. Therefore, good American should support one another irrespective of divergent opinions and views, be tolerant, and be generous as the American constitution dictates in aiming to form a perfect union.

Exploit the Guaranteed Freedom of Speech

The US Constitution, through the First Amendment, guarantees and protects the freedom of speech. It dictates that the government cannot limit religion, press, assembly, and petitions (Momen, 2017). The amendment guarantees every American free speech and, consequently, protects or does not infringe on another person’s freedom of speech. It shows that a good American should support initiatives that support the freedom of speech and fight against bureaucratic efforts that threaten it. For instance, it is normal for an individual to criticize the government without fearing victimization or repatriation. This is not the case in some countries like Saudi Arabia or Russia, where people who publicly criticize the government become victims of state torture or death. For instance, Jamal Khashoggi’s criticism of the Saudi government forced him to seek asylum in the US, but he was brutally murdered and dismembered in the Saudi Consulate in Turkey (Goel et al., 2020). Similarly, Alexei Navalny was poisoned and imprisoned in Russia (Laura Howes, 2020). Consequently, Americans take pride and ownership of the guaranteed freedom of speech, and they live it.

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Epitomize Patriotism

A society is inherent in social problems; however, the differences should not turn into hate for the country. A good American takes pride and exhibits loyalty to the country in whatever circumstances. Notably, an individual should be able to balance the love of the country with any tolerance for dissent. An American citizen is a valuable human asset, and America always has the best interests of its citizens. This is shown in its foreign policies, prison exchanges, and kidnap negotiations. Any threat to an American or the security of America, either domestic or foreign, is met ruthlessly. For instance, the 911 bombing of the World Trade Center signified a relentless and long-term fight against terrorism and the eventual death of Osama bin Laden. A good American reciprocates the love in patriotism. One must uphold and celebrate American ideals and values. Practice and live by the loyalty pledge and fidelity to the citizenship oath. Markedly, during a protest like BlackLivesMatter, it would be unpatriotic to burn the American flag to make a point.

Seize the American Spirit of Optimism

Home-based and small businesses run America. The belief in a better and brighter future is a true American spirit. Keep thinking of better ways to improve the community, enhance social cohesion, foster racial acceptance and tolerance, and eliminate socioeconomic disparities and inequalities. Businesses like Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, and Apple Inc., were founded on the belief in a brighter future. American history is anchored on optimism and relentlessness in changing the status quo. The quest for the United States was never a small fete from Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Sojourner Truth, Ozawa, and other American greats. Ozawa challenged the citizenship exclusion act that denied citizenship to Asian immigrants. Abraham Lincoln believed in one united country, while Martin Luther King Jr. and Sojourner Truth believed in an inclusive society (Taylor, 2005). They believed in the political and economic liberation of the African American community for better civil engagements, economic prosperity, political inclusion, and upwards social mobility. American optimism is an ideal and identity of a good American.

In conclusion, as a melting pot of diverse cultures and races, America has social challenges and problems. A good American ought to have the ideals and values that identify America. A reasonable American must show commitment to diversity and unity, take ownership and pride in the freedom of speech, embody patriotism, and reverberate optimism.

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