Informative review on the article ‘No jobs, boys’

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The article ‘No jobs, boys’ published in ‘The Economist’ on 24th February 2011 throws light on the issue of unemployment in South Africa. The article gives detailed information regarding the issue of unemployment in the region and how despite numerable promises made by the politicians, the situation is only getting worse. The private sector is willing to invest and create more jobs but their demands of certain relaxation of laws are not being met by the government which again hinders in the making of any favourable progress. The article by giving some examples of the sectors where the country is progressing thereby giving some hope that even if the situation is not at its best today, it will be better in future. The article incorporates formal diction avoiding the use of any popular of informal words.

The language and style of the article makes it interesting to read. Words connected by hyphens like ‘state-of-the-nation’ provide emphasis on his points so that the reader can easily grasp the point mentioned. The article used vocabulary of mild difficulty indicating that the article is targeted at the educated youth but not the erudite. There is a greatly varied sentence structure within the paragraphs. A mixture of short and long sentences has filled up the article which does not make it a monotonous read. The article is very helpful as it clearly informs the reader about the actual situation regarding the issue. The author has backed his arguments by statistics which makes his assertions more gullible to the reader.

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  1. The Economist. “No Jobs, Boys.” 24 February 2011. Print.
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