Interdisciplinary Learning and Research Thread

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Academic and interdisciplinary work approach is a strategy that helps to understand diverse knowledge from various fields. Based on this cross-thematic interpretation of the knowledge helps to improve the conceptual comprehension by the learners and aid educators to broaden their horizons and application of the interdisciplinary lessons. The collaboration of the numerous disciplines is a major source of the new solutions. Again the involvement of diverse disciplines has a positive effect on the outcome of the research results (Steph and Machiel, 2016). An interdisciplinary approach to the learning and research is one of the general trends applied in the development of the global systems of education. The interdisciplinary approach meets the demands of competency in researching and learning, which results in a higher degree of understanding and application by the learners. Again, the interdisciplinary approach in the research and learning thread results to progression and accomplishment of the reliable results by the students.

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Further, the critical thinking and cognitive ability of the learners is enhanced through interdisciplinary research and learning. Other attributes that are enhanced by the interdisciplinary researching and learning is the passion for learning, self-efficacy, self-confidence, problem-solving skills and the development of knowledge insight. Stimulation of the active and independent acquisition of the researching and learning experience is attained through interdisciplinary approaches. The interdisciplinary nature of the learning and researching is also quite valuable not only for its spontaneous benefits but also for allowing the door to be kept open to various career paths. Again it perfectly introduces the team-based approach to the learners which is common in the market. It also gives knowledge and vocabulary to comprehend other disciplines and provides the needed communication skills (Allen and Szostak, 2017). The application of the interdisciplinary researching and learning by the researchers in various fields has helped in the discovery of various inventions that exist today. Real world issues, wicked and complex problems require integrative and synthetic approaches which can only be realized by use of the interdisciplinary researching and learning.


The application of the interdisciplinary approach to learning and researching has its limitations. First, it can make the learner to lose the focus on the particular field of interest or rather isolating one from the core field. Academic systems are still quite structured on the concentration of the particular majors and integration of the interdisciplinary research and its application to the traditional disciplines is impossible (Allen and Szostak, 2017). For members who are engaged in an interdisciplinary research, they tend to identify with a particular field, where the specialization creates a barrier to further integration.

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The interdisciplinary approach to learning and researching has been dealt a blow because many researchers tend to regard their fields which they have adequate knowledge. This instance makes them regard other fields with suspicion, which does the interdisciplinary research or learning to be highly discouraged due to its speculative attribute in nature (Steph and Machiel, 2016). In cases where the interdisciplinary approach is applied in the research and learning, and it happens that a single interdisciplinary is regarded as the major field of study, then the interdisciplinary perspective is lost.

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