International Business Success at Canary Home Security

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Canary Home Security Ltd is a Home Security Systems Development company situated in New York City. It specializes in the development and installation of cameras, security heat sensors and high-tech gear that can monitor intruders and unnecessary invasions. The company is popular for its security systems that are linked to smart phones for easier management of home security. The application is easy to install, as is the video camera at the home. This makes the company very popular among smart phone users seeking to install monitoring devices on homes and offices, eliminating the need for security guards. The company is also famed for its camera designs. The Canary Flex for instance is among the smallest camera designs in the market, yet with a very powerful view. With such innovations, the company continues to be popular and appreciated among clients (Issokson, 2008). 


For a company to succeed in international business, it is important to have the right market approach. Markets determine the success of a business, as there are different market strengths depending on regions. Markets in the west for instance are famed for purchasing power, with countries like the United States of America boasting of the highest purchasing power in the world (Killing, 2012). It is also necessary for a company that seeks popularity in an international market to understand regional market laws, especially bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. Taking advantage of trade laws helps companies avoid unnecessary shipping tariffs as well as taxes from services sought. Finally, it would help Canary Security Ltd to partner with overseas companies on ventures in their native countries. Manufacturing overseas is often a welcome tactic to encourage profitability in an organization (Cadogan, 2012).

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