ESL Lesson Plan

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Lesson Introduction

This lesson will help the students to understand the importance of horses in Mackinac Island and how the horses are used in various ways from taxis that are horse drawn, carriage tours, riding on horseback, horses being used by people for private carriage tours, and how people including tourists can drive their carriage on horses. This lesson involves a comprehensive essay of the background on horses and horse usage in the Mackinac Island as well as the copies of the primary sources of information on the subject matter.

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The Essential Question

What is the significance of horses in Mackinac Island and how were the horses used by people from tourist to the local?

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson the student  will be able to:

  • Learn why Mackinac is believed to be the home for many horses.
  • Gather and carry out analysis of information through group discussions that the students will be expected to form with the teachers help
  • Students will be expected to illustrate each type of activity that people do using horses in Mackinac Island
  • Learn the importance of horses and how they contribute to tourism in Mackinac Island.
  • Demonstrate and apply the role of horses in tourist turnout in Mackinac Island.
  • Appreciate horses

Subject Matter

Horses being King on Mackinac Island

References: The article and book ‘Mackinac Island: Carriage tours, The Best Way to See Mackinac Island’ and ‘Mackinac Horsemen’s Association: Mackinac Community Equestrian Center’.

Materials: Visual aids, Pictures, Name tags, Flash cards.

Values: Develop a genuine interest and love for horses and tourism.


Learning Activities

Taxis that are horse drawn

The teacher will explain to the students the aspect of the horse has drawn taxis whereby the teacher will explain how taxis benefit from the presence of horses including taxi operations in Mackinac Island and especially the various taxi destinations as well as the minimum cost of using taxi transportation there.

Students will then be given 10 minutes to ask questions concerning horse drawn taxis after which the teacher will advise the students to discussion groups of four students each.  During the group discussion, the students will be expected to discuss horse drawn taxis around the world further as well as make a summary of their findings of other places around the world that have many horses.

The students will be expected to submit their findings on horse drawn taxis to the teacher so that the teacher and review the students’ understanding of the subject topic and help the teacher engage in further discussion with the students on horse drawn taxi especially in Mackinac Island.

Carriage Tours

Carriage tours will be the second topic in this lesson. The teacher will introduce by telling students that carriage tours offer the official tour on Mackinac Island. In this topic, the students will learn that carriage tours on Mackinac Island last for approximately three hours, and each tour begins downtown.

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The teachers will also explain to the students concerning the places that the carriage tours show to its tourists. For instance, the students will get to learn that the carriage tours goes to places like museums, Arch Rock, Mackinac Fort extra. The purpose of this topic is to make students develop interest in wanting to visit the place and get to learn more about horses in Mackinac.Private Carriage Tours

In this topic the teacher wants the students to know that in Mackinac there are both public carriage tours and private ones. Here the teacher will assign the students to research on the differences between public and private carriage tours in Mackinac. This is so that the teacher and gauge the students understanding of carriage tours.

During this topic the teacher expects the students to differentiate between private and public carriage tours in Mackinac in terms of number of passengers, location, what each carriage offers as well as how one can get the ticket for each.

Horseback Riding

The teacher will teach using pictures of different types of horses available in Mackinac Island. Pictorial and visual aids will help students understand more about horses and especially horseback riding.

The students are expected to learn more about horse riding as well as the type of horses used for horseback riding on Mackinac Island. The teacher expects the students to be able to differentiate various types of horse by picture as well as be able to know the reason as to why Mackinac Island does not accept phone reservations for horseback riding.

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Own Carriage driving

Here the students will learn more about personal horse driving whereby the students are expected to be able to describe the different types of own carriages in Mackinac Island. The student is also expected to know various own carriage capacities available and how each is done at the end of this topic.

Dray Service

Given that this will be the last topic of this lesson, the reason expects the students to have gained a better understanding of why horses are referred to as kings in Mackinac Island. The students are also expected to learn about the dray service horses that are used by people to move large and heavy goods and products around the island.

Lesson Evaluation

For the teacher to evaluate the students’ progress on the lesson, each group will be assigned with a topic and questions to be researched and answered. After which each group will be expected to do a presentation of their topic during which each group member will be asked questions by the teacher regarding their topic. Group presentation will be equivalent to 30% out of 100% of the lesson. The other 70% will be covered by the end of semester exams.


The reason for dividing this lesson into six topics and tackling each topic differently is so that the students can understand horse related activities on Mackinac Island. At the end of this lesson, therefore, the students are expected to gain more knowledge on the topic and be able to answer any questions related to the topic in the future.

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