Joe Biden a Transformational President

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Joseph Robinette Biden is the 46th president of the United States of America. He earlier served as Delaware Senator for 36 years before serving as the 47th Vice President of the United States under President Barrack Obama. Having been at the core of the Democratic Party throughout his political career, President Bien is generally viewed as a center-left. In this context, he is also quite liberal and prefers reform to revolution. In his pursuit of the left-right reconciliation, President Biden has extensively worked on and with reformist policies such as the campaign finance reform (Mills & Rosefielde, 2021). His stand, decisions and works on reforms, reconciliation, and affirmative action are indications that President Joe Biden is a transformational leader. This paper takes, and discusses the position that Joe Biden is transformational.

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Management and Leadership Transformation

As Mills and Rosefielde (2021) accurately asserts, the virtues instilled in and applied by its leaders largely act as the fate by which a nation is raised. Accordingly, adds Mills and Rosefielde, Joe Biden’s aspiration to greatness is one such providence. The type of a leader Joe Biden is has been a subject of public and academic discourse for quite a long period. Overall, a review of his life as a leader shows that he prefers change and makeovers to hard-line stance or radicalism. The transformational nature of Biden may be deduced from his presidential campaign mantra or display of the infinite possibilities available to the populace. In his campaign and inaugural presidential speech, Biden spoke of return to normalcy, unity and consensus building, all of which are traits associated with transformational leadership. In fact, observes Milligan (2021), Biden aggressively pursued these goals using an approach of non-aggression or accusation against political opponents or detractors. Besides, his ability to reset any wrong steps he makes, as exemplified by his handling of immigration, points to Biden’s transformational tendencies.

Brooks (2021) opines that President Biden’s policy realignment, without partisan realignment, is the clearest indication of his transformational nature. Brooks (2021) supports this assertion by the consequential decisions that President Biden made during the COVID-19 pandemic. He cites COVID-19 relief laws, which granted financial benefits to the poorest fifth households in the United State. What is more, Biden’s support for programs that target special groups such as black farmers, child tax credit, and expansion of health insurance subsidies shows his desire to transform the lives of the minorities and the disadvantaged in society.

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Politics and Legislation Transformation

President Biden’s transformational nature or approach to legislation and the presidency further manifests in his devotee approach to laws and law-making process. The bipartisan infrastructure law he has championed exemplifies this approach. Importantly, in the effort to build infrastructure, Biden has worked across the political aisle to improve the nation’s infrastructure (De Swielande, 2021). In the pursuit of his infrastructure objectives, Biden not only developed a plan but also negotiated with both sides of the congress.

Biden’s transformational leadership is also discernible from his foreign affairs policies and decisions. Biden has offered the international system and community a new perception and definition of the national role of the US president, especially in understanding and dealing with states such as Iran (Saniabadi, 2021). In this context, the international system’s perception of the United States, as deduced from Biden’s role, is that of respected and moral leadership. According to Saniabadi (2021), under Biden’s transformation of United States’ foreign affairs, the country is viewed as less of an isolationist than in the previous administration. The transformational nature of Biden has seen him transform the international perception and standing of the US to that of a country keen on strengthening alliances and satisfying public opinion. Instead of isolationism, diplomacy, and liberal internationalism are now the hallmark features of United States’ international relations. Biden’s transformational leadership explains these changes in the international system’s perception of the role of the US president (Saniabadi, 2021).

President Biden has not only transformed the administration but also the politics of the United States. While traditionally a centrist, Biden’s current actions and decisions point to a leftward movement, which has resulted in the expansion of the government. Similarly, this political shift has enabled the growth in federal spending on economic and social issues. Through the change in his leadership tact and his ability to negotiate and forge alliances, Biden has created more possibilities and higher hopes.


President Biden’s administration is founded on a management agenda that prioritizes and envisages accountable, equitable and effective governance. In this vision, Biden’s goal is leadership that delivers, supports progress, creates opportunities, and upholds United States’ shared values. Despite this vision and focus, Biden has faced myriad domestic and global challenges, including economic recovery, climate change, COVID-19 pandemic and international relations with Iran, Russia, North Korea and China. Handling these challenges requires a leader keen on restoring the country’s economy and world leadership status. President Biden has shown this leadership through his transformational abilities, which has enabled him alter the country’s leadership. Through transformational leadership, Biden, his administration and the country has adapted fast to the new reality. His reconciliatory and unity-themed politics and the ability to negotiate with political opponents for the benefit of citizens highlight Biden’s transformational nature and leadership.

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