Philosopher’s way

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The philosopher’s way helps explore the significance of employing the use of critical thinking, the profound ideas and the use of analytical tools in the daily lives of an individual and a society. This way, people are at a better position of making decisions that are focused towards improvement and team building. The three main topics that interest me in here include thinking critically, profound ideas and lastly, analytical tools needed to think philosophically about important issues.

Explain why this topics interests you

Critical thinking is an interesting topic especially in the modern world. Today, there are a lot of changes that need one to think carefully before they make decisions on what they are about to get involved in. critical thinking is a way of thinking that helps ne to analyses a number of available options before they make the final decision on the type of option to employ. Therefore, it like an escape route from making bad decisions that may one regret later (William, 2010). In critical thinking, an individual is presented by a number of ideas in which one is needed and therefore they needs to do a lot of thinking so that they can come to the final and most appropriate one to use in the kind of situation they are in. critical thinking helps in the daily lives especially in the social setting and in the professional setting of a person. It ensures that proper resolutions are made to situations that are faced so that to avoid any chances of allowing a conflict to occur between individuals (John, 2012).

The next topic is profound ideas. These are ideas that are considered thoughtful, philosophical and reflective ideas. In these types of ideas, one combines a number of things in making important decisions such as reflecting on their past experiences to determine the effects of some decisions that they made then. Employing the use of philosophy to help establish a common ground through which they will have an established decisions in executing some form of plan that they want to execute. Employing the use of thoughtful, insightful and deep thinking to make sure that whatever decisions and ideas that they made in the past neither influences positively on the decisions that they need to make today or do not affect the way that they want to make decisions in today’s events. This way, people will prevent making the same mistakes and experiencing similar disadvantages that they experienced in the past (John, 2015).

Lastly, analytical tools needed to think philosophically about important issues. This are tools that are used to analyze the available options during decision making to ensure that the best decision is made at the end. Analytical tools are important because they present to an individual ways in which they are able to measure the significance of the decisions and ideas they have and see the idea that weighs more than the rest so that they can go ahead and implement it. This tools ensure that the individuals involved in any kind of situations do not regret later on the kind of decisions that they make (John, 2015).

Personal and social relevance of topics

Critical thinking is significant in a number of ways in both the personal and the societal relevance. Personally, people may be faced with situations in which they need to execute a plan such as in a project to ensure that the project is successful and the results are accepted by other stakeholders or the customers that they want to sell the project to. In this manner, individuals have to think critically to ensure that they have the best processes at hand to execute the plan successfully and give it the qualities that will attract the customers. In the social relevance, critical thinking helps people to maintain peace among themselves and also to bring peace in a conflict situation. They need to think critically in order to provide a friendly environment and in cases of conflicts in a group, they have to decide best ways to resolve these conflicts in favor of both parties without hurting the feelings of one party that may result in more conflicts.

Profound ideas are also significant in their own way to both the individual and the society. Profound ideas helps one not to make similar mistakes that they made in the past that resulted in conflicts or any other regrettable results. In an organization for example, a manager might have made a decision that led to reduced organizational productivity and affected the engagement of employees. They can avoid such situations by use of profound ideas which allows them to reflect on the ideas before selecting on the most significant one. In addition, they will employ the use of profound ideas to marinating a healthy working environment, increase employee engagement and increase job satisfaction.

Lastly, the use of analytical tools are necessary to think philosophically about important issues both as an individual and in social settings. Analytical tools helps and individual to analyze the situation at hand and be able to make their own life decisions including ways to make their lives better. For example, if one has to decide whether to look for employment or be self-employed, analytical tools can help ensure that they make better decisions in this case and depending on their own capabilities that will help them have a better live in the future (Jack, 2007). Analytical tools also can help people in a group such in an organization or in the society to decide the best decision to work on among the decisions that are provided by individual members of the group. They will analyze the decisions by comparing their advantages and disadvantages and the fact that those particular ideas are going to benefit them as a group hence decide to implement them. In addition, they are able to provide a healthy environment among the group members that will enable them to work together (Jostein, 2007).

Possible questions

How is critical thinking important in any kind of setting both to the individual and to the society at large?

What is the significance of employing the use of profound ideas in any kind of decision making process either as an individual or as a group?

What is the significance of employing the use of analytical tools in making decisions in both the individual and the societal level?

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