Millennials’ Characteristics

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Millennials are commonly known as the Net Generation or Generation Y. This is the demographic cohort that follows Generation X (Tyler n.p). The generation is believed to consist of individuals born between 1982 and 2004. The generation is privileged to have grown up in a world of electronics, a flurry of online activity and a socially networked world. The generation has also experienced challenges including; the housing bust, global financial crisis, and massive debts. Despite the challenges faced by the generation, the Millennials are not only a deserving generation but also commendable one. This essay, therefore, looks into the characteristics of the millennial generation. 

The generation is resourceful and adaptable. It is faced with a myriad of changes. Among these changes are technology, globalization, and the Great Recession. These are evolving every day and were barely existent in previous generations. The generation has however taken up the challenge and is adapting as fast as the change is evolving. The generation is composed of tech savvy, connected and diverse individuals (Twenge,, 1131). Millennial generation also has a sense of mission. To the surprise of many, the generation cares less about the money in comparison to the sense of purpose. Young people want to get value in what they do. Institutions are now more than ever taking into consideration the Maslow’s hierarchy to deliver self- actualization and in turn accommodating the millennials (Twenge,, 1119).

Additionally, the millennial generation thinks before they act. It is rare for individuals in this generation to blindly accept whatever presents itself. The young people are more analytical and careful in their choices. They are more likely to openly critic when they feel shortchanged. The generation is a combination of overcomers. Other than the changes the Millenials are facing, the generation is further faced with even bigger challenges. The world is facing a global financial crisis, unemployment is at the peak, the competition is high, and the living standard is quite high. Raffi Wineburg, an intern with the Israel Post, reminds us that “Unemployment for 16 to 24-year-olds is roughly 15 percent” (n.p). Despite all these challenges the Millenials are holding on and progressing.

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Today, the economic times are without a doubt very hard. However, the millennials are generous; they strive to give back to the society. A research study by Harriss Interactive and Walden University indicates that 81 percent have donated either money, services or goods. This shows that the individuals in this generation have generosity as a value and is ingrained in their personal belief system. In doing this, Millennials act as agents of change. The generation has greatly influenced culture, technology, business, workplaces, the economy and even government. Through the Millenials, technology has thrived a great deal. They offer ideas and market for technology. The vocal Millenials have stood up for their rights influenced the government and culture change such as gay marriages. Workplaces are no longer fields of employee oppression courtesy of the Millenials; they stand up against unfair treatment by employee (Stillman, n.p). 

As opposed to the views of many, the millennial generation is focused and want to impact a difference. Given an opportunity to prove what they are capable of, Millennials can always prove opposite of the common belief. However, millennials are lazy; they contribute very little to the society (Oropollo n.p). Johnny Oleksinki, in a New York Post, states that “Perhaps their messiah complex is a result of being coddled, petted and worshiped like toy poodles from infancy all the way to college” (n.p). As opposed to Oleksiak’s opinion millennials have a bigger contribution to the society than TV recaps and emoji. Youths have been agents of change in the society. Youths have been on the forefront of civil societies fighting against oppression. Through the youth, technology has been adapted and incorporated into the human race. Through the Millennial generation, the world unlike ever before has been turned into a global village. Issues like climate change, human rights, gender equity and democracy have received necessary attention through the generation.

In conclusion, millennials are rebellious and stubborn. The millennial generation cannot be termed as rebellious. Contrary to the assumption people in today’s world are much more aware of their rights and more so their value. The attempt to undermine an individual is met with greater resistance than ever.  Additionally, millennials are too dependent on their parents. Kathryn Tyler, a contributor to HR magazine for human resource professionals, points out that “Older generations that couldn’t wait to proclaim their independence can’t comprehend this generation’s need for parental guidance and influence” (n.p).The view by Kathryn may be misleading in some aspects, the urge by the Millenials to keep communicating with their parents does not directly translate to over dependence on parents. Unlike in the past technology allows and with no harm one to communicate with his or her family. 

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