Reaction Paper on “David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciscek Piper”

Subject: 🏺 History
Type: Reflective Essay
Pages: 1
Word count: 272
Topics: The Holocaust, ⏳ Social Issues, 🗣️ Interview
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A Jewish revisionist, David Cole, who has spent extensive time and effort to evaluate and review the events of the Holocaust, was trying to validate the existence of gas chambers at the main labor camp in Auschwitz, Poland. Cole’s determined efforts as he visited the labor camp and interview instrumental people (the tour guide, her supervisor and the head of archives) laudable and meritorious. His objective was to provide factual information as to the veracity and credibility of the gas chambers as supposedly used for homicidal gassings. The allegations were that more than 4 million Jews died of genocide and the gas chambers were identified to have been the cause of heinous executions.

Upon viewing the video, I was totally appalled by the amount of falsified information that the Soviets have published. By validating facts through proofs of existence and with the assistance of experts in their respective fields of endeavors, the information that surfaced attested that the gas chambers where mostly used for disinfecting and delousing the prisoners, rather than for homicidal gassing purposes. Apparently, the causes of deaths were due to disease and malnutrition of approximately 1.1 million Jews, rather than the excessively reported 4 million. I was therefore disappointed and disgusted with the manner by which the world has been deceived by the erroneous data. With Cole not actually concluding his findings on whether the gas chambers were indeed authentic, original, and existed for the purpose it was reportedly built, viewers are just left to reflect on the situation. Still, I believe that despite the efforts, the deaths of  more than 1 million people during those time could never be justified nor vindicated.

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  1. Piper, Dr. Franciszek. David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper David Cole. 21 June 2010. Web. 16 November 2011.
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