Reflection Paper on Leadership

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Leadership is a critical responsibility to organizing a group of people to perform in a particular manner. In this reflection, I consider the explications about Prophet Mohammad to be a hallmark for every Muslim, to appreciate the virtues of honesty, truth worthy, and gentleness among other qualities of the prophet. In fact, most of these traits are not only necessary for managing a group of believers, but other spheres of human life.  In other words, every success in human dwelling requires the traits of a good leader like the prophet, who indeed lived a more fulfilling life, which earned him praises among his contemporaries. However, it is not only those who guide the congregation that should attain these traits, but the people led as well. Essentially, every one of us is a leader in a given area, and thus, it is an obligation for everyone to remain rightly in dealing with people.

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Borrowing from scholars like Aristotle, virtue is rewarding, and anybody who lives with the principle of goodness is knowledgeable among his or her contemporaries. Trust is earned and not rewarded. Anybody must ensure that he becomes a leader in every area of gifting. Many businesses and professionals have failed due to their dishonesty and unreliability in dealing with things and other people. In fact, I consider leadership a gift and a call, which every God’s creature should pursue in life. Islam is a religion of peace and support for each other, something that indeed was graced by the prophet himself. This is an attribute that every believer should mimic in order to make real the true meaning of Islam.

In addition, Prophet Muhammad was determined in doing well for the people, not because people were good for him, but because he was God himself. People should learn this and appreciate the need to be good unconditionally. When something is conditional, then it is pegged on reward, but from what is realized with the prophet, he prided on serving people the right way even when they thought that they did not deserve so. He helped his business associates with respect, honesty, trust, and uprightness. He equally delighted servant leadership by ensuring that his leadership listened to the people’s will instead of doing what interested him as a person. In this regard, he has remained an icon of love and love among the people of different ages and financial abilities.

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In the business management, leaders ought to borrow a leaf from this and ensure that they empower their employees to be independent decision makers in order to scale up the spirit of innovation, which is highly essential for competitive advantage. Every leader that wants his or her followers to grow must have the disciple-centered approach in dealing with matters and not only that which gives much sense to what he or she believes to be done. In this precept, I consider leadership to be synonymous. For example, “L” stands for a listener, which indicates that a good leader must listen to his or her followers to understand what they feel concerning various matters. In doing so, they feel embraced and regard themselves as part and parcel of their leader’s objective. A leader is more interested in encouragement, and as a result, “E” stands for an encourager, which heartens his or her followers to attain personal growth.  Whether in business or religious realm, people need personal development, and this is something that the prophet achieved by developing the people who would take care of the Islamic affairs even after his death.

A leader equally must be ready to advise and guide his or her people. In this, the third letter “A” stands for an adviser, which means that he or she should provide a caring advice to the people that rely on him or her guidance. In everything that people do in any given community, they are governed by a particular individual or group of individual who tell them what to do in every aspect. This is important for them to team up their efforts in achieving the set of objectives. This rolls down from the global to a family level. For example, children need the moral, spiritual, physical and emotional guidance of their parents. If the direction is wrongly given, they become misdirected individuals in their adult life. Therefore, there are much to appreciate and copy from prophet Muhammad.

The fourth letter of the word is “D” stands for direction, which means that he or she should give instructions that people would follow to meet success. Prophet Muhammad directed his followers to the will of Allah in order to live according to His wishes. This is an obligation of every responsible leader to ensure that none of his or her followers goes astray. The fifth letter “E” stands for empathy, such that he feels with his or her people. The trait of empathy is more involving than sympathy. Prophet Muhammad was so concerned about the people around him, and never thought anything about them, but wanted the best for them. Is service to the people was shadowed with love, care, faith, and uprightness. The last letter is “R” which implies that a leader must be realistic. He or she does not pretend and lives by the principles that he or she sets. This was evidently seen in Prophet Mohamed (pbud) who maintained flexibility, conscious responsibility, and gentleness in dealing with the people. This made him an excellent leader during his contemporaries, something that will live for ages.

In conclusion, there are many leadership traits that the Muslim believers and other regions as well would learn from the messenger of God. He ensured that every person was getting justice under his watch. He treated every person with gentle care and love regardless of age, sex, and class. I believe that everybody needs to attain these qualities and mindset in order to make the world a better habitat for human beings. Similarly, I think that doing good should not be conditional, but it should remain virtue of knowledge that everybody seeks to keep.

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