E-Commerce and System Design

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Ecommerce is the emerging concept in the world of business during the current era. The companies managing the physical business for long times are also starting their e portals for improving the effectiveness (Steward, et al. 1999). This report is also based on a business that is now planning to develop a website and utilize internet as its major business tools. This report covers the appropriate business model, benefits of the website and the business, and all required hardware and software tools. It also guides how the company can design its internet marketing strategy and what measures are to be taken to streamline these plans for future implementation and assured profitability.

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Appropriate Internet business model

Internet based business is gaining popularity day by day. For the chosen business, community model, or business to consumer model can be appropriate. The business will be based on developing a network of clothing suppliers and link them with the buyers with a facility for online selection of product, listing and payment through cards or cash on delivery. In this model, the main business will be playing an intermediary role, whereas the buyers will interact with the suppliers through the company’s website.

Benefits of the website

Developing of a website for e-commerce has proven to have endless features and endless possibilities throughout each customer, who is looking for product or services at firm’s end. Website basically turns out to be a shopping cart to host the client and does the entire work as a trained and expert salesman at the outlet. The showroom and display has become so wide and enlarged that every single person at any place where internet is available. The website in e-commerce; if developed and updated well is not only a source of business but has also become a source of good repute for e-customer. People start trusting the company, if the website is compatible with products or vice versa. Powerful SEO tools with optimized URLs and image alt tags with Meta tags boost the business as well as the product ranking in all major search engines the business is operating through the website.

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Website also makes the business firm feel comfort with secure & flexible payment options, they can collect payment from all major credit cards, PayPal and more if there could be any other options available in the website software. Website is the key for e commerce; hence the owners of e-commerce can connect their business with top business sites, such as e-Bay and Amazon to make daily procedures at ease (Hajli, 2014). Website for e commerce is very much useful for products to be shared simply from the ecommerce store with social networks such as, Twitter and Facebook. As already acknowledges at global level that social media is strongly powerful and influential enough, among the masses around the world in global society to penetrate for disseminating information, enhancing and improving business (Linda, 2010).

One thing is very much important here to understand and execute, that the products must match the theme of a website for which the website has to be built with devoted account manager and proficient resources. Updating of website on regular basis is also necessary requirement from customer and if this is not done properly, the customer shifts with just the movement of fingers at keyboard. So, an updated and real website is really a source of proliferation in the business (Andzulis, et al. 2012).

Business benefits & function

The business will all be set through the website where the companies will manage their own accounts and will submit fee for networking on the page. For marketing of the website, the company will develop a policy that all the members of the network will manage their social media marketing campaigns and also the company will allocate responsibilities to the social media marketing manager to run regular campaigns and also to manage customer support, not only on the website, but also the social media channels (Kwahk and Ge, 2012).

Another important matter is to maintain sales database of the website which has to be checked on regular basis, in order to keep record of the payables which are liability of the suppliers. They will also keep an eye on the internal communication between the buyers and suppliers. The sales manager must also keep an eye on the sales rate of different suppliers. The supplier who is making more sales, should be offered some incentives by fee waiver or any other method. This way increased sales will ultimately benefit the company.

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Functional specifications for the company’s use of the Web and the Internet

The first important requirement for the website is the high standard server that should be fully allocated for the website without any fear of the downtime. Any kind of error or delay may shift the visitor to any other website in a few seconds. The company must install online software for managing data without any fear to lose it. This data will be accessible by any computer that may be located anywhere in the world. In order to provide 24/7 support to the customers they are not frustrated to find another option on the web. There should be allocated team members on shift basis or through mobile devices so that they could respond them in the minimum possible time.


Global success regarding augmented market share comparatively higher than the other competitors may impact financial performance; positively and prove the business model to be further productive in upcoming days. Ecommerce has impacted all the sectors in the world, turning them to be highly profitable, hence people trust the online business and want to avail multiple opportunities to save their time.  Now they prefer to buy just anything within a few clicks and receive the products at their door steps. This supports the concept of this internet strategy to be highly feasible in terms of sustainability and gaining more profit. Hence the development of website and social media marketing channels will be highly effective to set the foundation of this business through ecommerce.

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