Humanities of breast cancer in women

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Breast cancer among females has been the most common melanoma with the greatest fatal outcome rate as compared to other cancers that affect women. It has been the foremost cause of fatality among females aged between thirty five and fifty four years. For instance, in 2000 an approximate of 176,000 women was detected with breast cancer (Saunders 69). National cancer Institute reports that the risk of cancer development in any individual is 12 percent in their lifetime. Some of these risk factors are dependent on age, gender, percentage concreteness of the breast tissues, genetic history, benevolent condition of the breast and period of menarche with menopause.

Reports have indicated that excessive consumption of alcohol has a direct connection with health and social issues. Indeed, research has particularly confirmed a strong relationship between ingestion of alcohol and increased chances of acquiring break cancer (Saunders 85). Alcohol interferes with hormone levels posing an increased threat for cancer in women. Also, other breast cancer risks include obesity. There exist indisputable connection between breast cancer and obesity in women. Indeed, obesity has not only been linked to breast cancer in women but also other types of cancer even with men. An increase in body mass index of at least five units has a corresponding twelve percent increase in cancer danger (Crawley 32). Usually, obesity of young people exposes them to danger of breast cancer attack at their later ages during menopause.

Oral contraception has lately been associated with breast cancer in women. However, medical studies have repeatedly provided confusing results. However, according to a US study that examined 1,100 females aged 20 to 49 years concluded that the current use of oral contraceptives have been associated with considerably high menace of breast cancer which may show a discrepancy as a result of formulation. It has been argued that estrogen contraceptives have a higher danger to breast cancer.

Smoking exposes people to the risk of breast cancer. A study by America Cancer Society indicated that former smoker are more vulnerable to breast cancer that those that have never smoked. It was confirmed that the young women who start smoking at early age before giving birth stand the highest chance of getting breast cancer.

Once a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, they are to seek attention from an oncologist. The oncologist advises on the stage and the type of cancer after which an appropriate course of treatment is taken. In the course of treatment the oncologist acts as a go-between the surgeon, pathologist and radiologist. Chemotherapy is administered once the oncologist has prescribed. Breast cancer diagnosis is done after microscopic examination particularly with the tumor cells that are affected.

Cancer has crossed the threshold of lives of nearly all families in America. This has awakened medical researchers working both on social and scientific perspective in an aid to search for a solution if not cure for the unrelenting and hazardous disease. However, these medical researchers have been faced with challenges and of new-fangled opportunities in the process of their project (Crawley 65).

In the last semi century, America society of Clinical Oncology has represented chronological turning point particularly in managing breast cancer. New approaches have been embraced that have caused a lot of transformation on the means by which the disease was being handled. Initially, deaths were a common occurrence as the approaches used included mutilation of local therapy. Today, breast cancer patients receive systematic therapies depending on the stage and the level of attack by break cancer. The new approaches have progressively helped to reduce the death incidences due to cancer.

Locoregional therapy in treating breast cancer has gone through changes and more so with the clinical staging of breast cancer. Other approaches such as modified radical mastectomy as well as conserving surgery of the breast have preferably been used to improve therapy on cancer patients. Recently, attempts have been made in an aid to increase the usage of mastectomy that involves both bilateral and unilateral in the United States of America. This has happened as a result of positive changes in the techniques of mastectomy with the increased use of inherent testing with preoperative breast in women. Also, social and cultural factors have been major contributors for such developments. The technology of gene expression has caused a corresponding discovery of molecular subtypes with regard to breast cancer (Saunders et al. 100). Today, these subtypes are separately considered as unique entities with varied sensitivity to existing with regard to the agents of therapy.

In conclusion, breast cancer succession is portrayed in an unmitigated people. In essence, it takes several years amid a victorious management of the major disease before it reoccurs. The subsequent degeneration normally comes about as a result of to reactivation of dormant growth cells found inside the bone marrow. It is therefore imperative that the scientists reflect on the limitations with different models used in research in order to come up with the right and sufficient solution to the danger of breast cancer. They should share relevant resources as they compare studies and making them readily available to the research fraternity.

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