Social media and the beauty industry

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The beauty industry has over the recent years experienced tremendous growth owing this to the growth of various platforms from which public influencers have been ensured to attract and create awareness on the availability of the upcoming trends and changes. It is fascinating when one looks at some of the beauty changes that have been witnessed in the last couple of years, which evidently suggest or show what people value most and what they are willing to spend heavily on. Many researchers in the beauty industry have carried out an extensive study on the topic and have realized that thousands of years ago, people were still doing what they could to look attractive and be at their best. There are several ways through which social media have been used to shape the beauty industry. Some of the ways that many pieces of research and this report have explored are; new platforms, the power of influencers, word of mouth, changing reputation, Omni channel strategies, the practices of growing niches, and lastly, killer content marketing.

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Notably, beauty is always a vital endeavor to human culture that is practiced almost in every corner of this vast world. Due to the advancement in technology and modernization, the industry has experienced a lot of changes in new trends and fashion knocking doors every second and minute. The various changes in the industry have made new things possible and have consequently created latest trends in the industry. Some of the changes and trends in the beauty industry include anti-aging, a conflict of beauty trends, the money in beauty, the sector and perception. Through various literature reviews on the strategies and policies that have been on use to improve and create new markets and positions in the markets, social media has played an essential role in enhancing the rapid growth that has been witnessed in the industry.

Social Media and Beauty Industry

Social media entails a series of applications and websites that have been designed and developed to allow millions of individuals to share information and content quickly, efficiently, and in the real time. The ability to share content, opinions, photos, events, among many other things online and in the real-time has significantly influenced and transformed the way people do their lives. In addition to changes in the form of life of people, social media has without no doubt transformed the way business organizations and retailers do their business. A variety of studies that have been conducted on the influence of social media as an advertisement strategy has shown a great result. Hence, it is right to say that, the growth and development in the beauty industry can be attributed to the massive use of social media as an advertisement and marketing platform. The study that was conducted by Popow (2017) shows that, despite the challenges and decline in production that was experienced between 2002 and 2004, the beauty industry has since then experienced a constant or smooth growth of output. In fact, the production and sales in the industry have been increasing by a margin of a value between 2 and 10, with the new cosmetic value standing at 62.64. The figure below clearly illustrates the smooth increase in the cosmetic revenue in the industry since 2001 (Popow, 2017).

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The beauty industry has gone through an interesting and exciting transition over the last five to ten years, and with advancement in technology and rise of the internet, sharing of knowledge has been possible, and customers have been empowered and are now demanding for the ground-breaking products, ingredients, and technologies. Customers are now aware of what they want and now willing to invest anything in a given product if it has the capabilities and grounds to make them look and feel good. It is therefore crucial for the business owners and organizations in the beauty industry to listen and take part in a variety of conversations concerning and surrounding their products and brand name. I think if advised well beauty industry could now take lessons from the fashion industry which has done very well through embracing the social media. Through systemic reviews, it was established that the fashion industry understands the value that the social media is attached in bringing the success of a particular brand. For instance the use of Pinterest by the premium fashion brand Burberry with more than 63,000 followers flooding their experience of using the Burberry products, the beauty industry could follow suit by availing and pinning the latest looks to market and promote new makeup lines as well as listing products that have been used to put in place a specific makeup look.

The VAMP has recently lounged a lunch and learn for the HYLAND and COTY to aiding in discussing some of the new trends in the beauty industry.  Importantly, the beauty industry is booming and blooming with the help social media. A study conducted by Popow (2017), clearly shows that close to 58% of fashion and beauty industries are now using influencers as part of the marketing strategies, while close to 22% of these companies are planning to infuse or incorporate the approach to their campaigns before the end of 2017. There are different types of influencer campaigns that have been used on the social media to generate content in some ways to get the most out of their production costs. Some of the influencers include; brand owned media, paid media, influencer-generated content. One of the best approaches that have been used in the beauty industry to gain market positions is to allow the influencers to decide on how they want to appear in verge to feature a beauty product. Through social media platforms, the influencers are made aware of the needs and desires of the customers, and hence they already know what the customers are looking for (Andò, 2015).

The use of the various online platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube has enabled the customers to gain new tips, tutorials, and recommendations. The information or content provided through these platforms are both informative and introduce a lot of fun when one is which watching them. The beauty bloggers have established to guide people and offer the next second information change and location of a given beauty products. Hence, it has now become straightforward for people to use the beauty bloggers to gain different opinions which will influence purchasing decisions. It is therefore evident how the social media has changed and altered the activities and practices in the beauty industry (Murray, 2013).

Fundamentally, social media has greatly shaped the beauty industry. In the recent studies conducted in the industry, 30% of the women consented that their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. Some of the ways include: the use word of mouth – for instance, Glossybox Company has revealed that 80% of its product acquisition comes from the world of mouth.  Though this is an astonishing statistic, it can be associated with how much the company uses the social media to communicate to its online users and communities. Other ways include new platforms – for instance, the fashion industry used Pinterest and later changed to Vine, the power of influencers, changing reputations, and growing niches just to mention the list (Britt, 2015).

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In conclusion, it clear that many industries have succeeded through the use of social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have exhibited a dominant role in the spread of content and information about a given product. The beauty industry has over the last ten years relied heavily on the social media to promote its products, but still, the cosmetic revenue as shown in figure one indicates that there is room for improvement in the industry.  As reported in the study individuals are not holding money back but they are spending on what will make them feel and look good, and therefore the fashion and beauty companies are poised with a challenge of making more advertisement and significant use of the social media. Importantly, beauty has become an essential human culture, and therefore there is the need for the concerned companies to do all it takes to make sure that the product is super quality and reach a vast population through the use of social media.

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