The Balancing Act: Work and Life

Subject: 💭 Psychology
Type: Informative Essay
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Topics: 🔥 Motivation
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The topic chosen the course project is the work-life balance because it is significant for both the individual and the company. People dedicate so much time to work, and so much time to family, and often, those two areas are competing. It is important for the individual to do well in both areas because they are significant to the individual’s livelihood and happiness. Often, one bleeds into the other. Work stress shows up at home. Home stress is taken to work, and work stress shows up at home. There are different methods that the employer can implement to ease those stresses – which will lead to a happier employee and happier employees work harder and produce better products! It is a win-win for everyone.

Schlegel (2017) posits that finding balance in life, especially in a setting involving work and personal life can be difficult. In his article, Schlegel explains that a failure to attain a work-life balance could lead to complex challenges to the affected individual. The author cites several studies and publications, which explain the depth of the challenges that could arise with a lack of work-life balance. 

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Yet in another publication, Isaacs (2016) reveals the benefits of good employment and the consequences of poor quality employment and unemployment. From Isaacs’ article, it is clear that good employment entails one in which the employer and the employee understand the limits of the workplace and the parameters of home matters. It is clear from the article that poor quality employment arises when the levels of understanding between the interests of the employer and the employee in their cooperation is low. Therefore, the consequences that emerge could be dire, especially for the health of the employee and the performance of the involved organization.

Wadsworth and Facer (2016) recommend alternative work schedules that can be implemented to ensure that the work-life balance is attained. The authors explain in detail the strategies that can be implemented to ensure that even the most complex cases where work-life balance lacks can be addressed effectively. The authors also delve deeply into the consequences, major of a psychological nature that could arise with the lack of work-life balance in an employee. Therefore, their study recommends the alternative strategies to be adopted to address the challenges.

It is clear from the three studies and publications that work-life balance is a topic of significant interest in any professional setting. The studies have employed effective research methodologies, which then guarantee the accuracy of their findings. As such, it is important that further studies be considered in the formulation of better and improved strategies of addressing the work-life balance topic.

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