Free Will and Determinism

Free will and determinism is the most common issue of debate in every theology and religious philosophies. These two theories are quite opposite to one another and a number of theologians and philosophers have written extensive literary and philosophical books in order to solve the puzzle of human existence due to free will or determinism. The theory of free will preaches that man is absolutely free in making choices on personal as well as on society level. The theory of determinism, on the other hand, advocates that everything in this world is pre-planned or pre-determined and there is no such thing as free will rather will of individuals is also dependent on eternal law that regulates the existence of this world and its inhabitants. Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980), French philosopher and existentialist, advocates the theory of free will. For him “man is free, man is freedom” and man is himself “responsible for everything he does”. There is no existence of God or any other sovereign authority rather man is an authority in himself in choosing and determining what he wants to become.
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