Philosophies of the Eastern world

The Eastern hemisphere of the world harboring more than half of the worlds population, is rich with its history of culture, heritage, religion and philosophies. The Eastern way of life is closely welded with religious and philosophical teachings, which pertains to how the morality and well being of life is to be achieved. Eastern philosophies are so widespread and inculcated in these societies that they are in fact adopted and practiced as religions. Of such philosophies, most wide spread are the Buddhism,  Jainism,  Hinduism,  Confucianism,  Taoism  and  the Shintoism. While Buddhism,  Jainism  and  Hinduism are  mainly  practiced  in  the  Indian  subcontinent, Confucianism,  Taoism  and  the  Shintoism  are practiced in China and Japan. Hinduism is one of the most ancient philosophies, which is still strongly practiced in the Indian subcontinent, and followed by over 700 million people. One of the main differences  between  Hinduism  and  other  philosophies of  the  world  is  that the  belief  that  people  are not  created  equal.
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