Cognitive development and limitations of preschool children

Preschool Children:

Cognitive Development and Limitations

The learning emphasis of children ages three to five should be placed on academic work rather than social skills or self esteem.  Children of this age group may seem unready to learn on an academic level, however, they just are at a lower level stage of mental development.  “According to Piaget, spoken language does not bring with it a mature rational intelligence: it assist but is distinct from logic.” (Boden, 46).  A child born deaf and unable to talk will still gain cognitive skill in the same manner as other children.  Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist that did research in developmental psychology.  He developed a cognition theory that has four stages of development that a person progresses through as they learn and grow.  These four stages are sensory motor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational.  Through research and testing, Piaget placed an age group on each of the stages.  Three to five year olds fall within the preoperational stage of development.  Placing emphasis on academic work rather than social skill and self-esteem will help children progress through each stage of cognitive development.
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