Left Brain Dominance

Subject: 🧓🏼 Personal Experience
Type: Synthesis Essay
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Topics: 🌱 Personal Growth
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Studies that have been done, particularly on patients whose brains are damaged for one reason or the other, have indicated that human being can be grouped into three categories which are; the left-brains, right-brains and the balanced-brain individuals. Because each side of the brain accomplishes different functions, individuals in every category therefore, manifest different traits.

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In my desire to establish the side of my brain which is dominant, I undertook three different brain tests and what I found out was quite a thrill. The studies came in the form of survey questions with every question inclined towards a function of one side of the brain. The three tests were titled the “Left-brain/right-brain test,” “Personality test center” and the “Right brain/left brain quiz” and it is interesting to report that the result was a smooth trend as discussed.

I began my tests with the “Personality test center” where I handled a total of twenty questions and after getting the feedback I realized that out of the twenty questions, ten of my responses reflected a right brain oriented personality while the other ten reflected orientation to the other side of the brain. In the summary section of the result, I was informed that I don’t predominantly use one side of my brain but rather, I do balance their use (Tests: IQ tests, personality tests, love tests, career tests, n.d.). According to this result, I am neither of those who are extremely analytic and logical as is the case with left-brain individuals nor conceptual and intuitive as is with the right brain personality.

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The second test which was the “Left-brain/right-brain test was equally interesting. Here, I handled twelve questions and when it was time to view my result, a scale running from point zero to one hundred was presented to me with a pointer at forty six. Being that any score from point fifty towards the hundred mark means being a right-brain individual while from point fifty back to zero is synonymous with left-brain persons (Personality Test Center – Left brain right brain dominance, n.d.), I knew at once that I fell in the group of the left-brain individuals though very close to the mid mark. From this test I could recognize some familiar traits in me such as sharp language skills, logical, being sequential and attention to detail. However, the fact that my score as very close to the fifty point score gave me some confidence that I am not to the extreme of these trait but instead I can reach a point of compromise if need be.

Lastly, I tackled thirty two questions of the “Right brain/left brain quiz. This time the questions were closed so that you could select only ether a “Yes” or “No” making the process faster. At the end of the test, I was again presented with two bar-like scales where the first, which read twelve, represented left-brain dominated group, while the second, which read nine, stood for the right-brain dominated faction (Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz, n.d.). Again, here, I inferred that I belong to the left-brain group. Additionally, I could see that the difference between the two scales was very slim and this further affirmed my conclusion that even though I posses left-brain characteristics, I am flexible enough to engage the right brain appropriately as well.

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