Homelessness in America

America is home not only to the Americans.  It is also the home to a multitude of races from different parts of the globe.  It is known as “the land of milk and honey”.  Recently though, America is no longer a home.  Homelessness is becoming a major concern for the government because of the growing number of its homeless people.  A homeless person is one who does not have a permanent place to stay in and does not have an acceptable residence at night. Data on the homeless population is gathered through a survey made every January among the communities in the US.  The result of this latest “point-in-time counts” done last January 2012 shows that “an estimated 636,017 people experienced homelessness in the United States on a given night which translates to an incidence, or rate, of 21 homeless people per 10,000 people in the general population” (National Alliance to End Homelessness , par 2). The most common causes of homelessness for persons in families is the lack of affordable housing, poverty and unemployment.  Among singles, substance abuse, lack of affordable housing and mental illness are the most common causes of homelessness.
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