Redneck Neighbor

There is a proverb which says that "birds of a feather flock together". For quite a long time people chose their target social group according to the level of intellectual development of its members, but today, as John Seabrook argue in Nobrow: The Marketing of Culture and the Culture of Marketing, the world we live in no longer easily fits into intellectual classes, instead it now fits into consumption communities. The author of the website about the redneck neighbor is, presumably a typical representative of the American upper-middle class, as he owes a house in the "brand new neighborhood with new houses". When this man moved in his brand new house n a brand new neighborhood he was expecting to find that his neighbors will belong to the same social group as he does, the Fussell's "category X people," their unity to be based not on material consumption but on a shared taste for the better life.
Let's make that grade!