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Abortion is the premature termination of pregnancy. It is the elimination of fetus earlier than it is born. It is carried out before the fetus reaches 25 weeks old. It is either induced or spontaneous abortion. In urbanized countries, abortion is authorized whereas in most developing countries it is not permitted. This brings on the differences in harmless and unsafe abortions. Abortion accounts for a big number of maternal deaths globally. (NWAIGBO, 2005). This paper is guided by the thesis that even though abortion is termed as the elimination of human life in Christian moral tradition, it at times becomes inevitable due to serious factors like saving a life; controlling family size, etc., nevertheless; each culture and society has particular customs of confronting unexpected pregnancy through abortion.

Abortion has got a stretched history. In earlier days, it was done by use of crude tools like sharpened tools. With the improvement in medicine Field, modern methods are now applied and involve the use of surgical procedures and medication. Induced abortion is the forceful elimination of the fetus from mother’s womb. The development age of the fetus is the decisive factor of what measures could be taken to carry out the abortion. It is either elective or therapeutic. Medical workforce conducts a therapeutic abortion in an attempt to save the life of patients. Patients afflicted by things like complications, illnesses, and multiple pregnancies can have this procedure done on them to evade complications at childbirth that might cause loss of life. (Sedgh, Gilda, 2012)

Spontaneous abortion is also called miscarriages. Various pregnancies are typically lost before the doctors are conscious of the existence of an embryo in the uterus. It is caused by vascular diseases, infections, chromosomal abnormalities, trauma and uterus abnormalities amongst others. The most common causes of spontaneous abortion are the age as well as the history of spontaneous abortions. Trauma and accidents have also been related to the elevated rates of miscarriages among women. (Levine, 1943)

There are  various causes of abortion. First, abortion is caused by various factors which include religious, social and economic factors. The society’s need for ease has been an issue affecting abortion rates. Children and pregnancy are viewed as a barrier to a lot of pleasure and fun. A person would simply get rid of the pregnancy in quest of this joy. The public accepts this condition and still encourages it by allowing the governments to permit abortion. (Khan, Khalid 2006). In addition, the lack of value for life is a religious aspect towards promoting abortion. The human being no longer value latest life forms. Intense debates have geared up suggesting that a fetus is not a life shape until it is born. Further, economic factors like insufficient funding and poverty have geared up abortion. Several young mothers have chosen to carry out an abortion citing the incapability to care for the child once it is born. The stigma has a lot of contributions in ensuring that abortion is made an ordinary thing. Girls who become pregnant although still young get condemnation and criticism particularly in the developing countries.  Rape is also a significant cause of abortion. When it has taken place, and one does not aim to keep the pregnancy, she would decide not to safeguard the baby.

Abortion can be done using a variety of means and methods. For instance, the administration of abortion pill which is used for pregnancies up to 9 weeks old. A mixture of two drugs is taken. They are used within 48 hours. The outcome of the drugs is that the womb contracts shedding its lining.  Surgical removal which can be applied while the fetus is at 13-14 weeks. A sterilized tube is inserted throughout the cervix as well as into the uterus. Suction is conducted pulling out every material in the uterus.

The negative impacts of abortion will include bleeding which occurs for few weeks. In cases of severe bleeding, the chances are that the uterus wasn’t completed emptied.  Secondly, pelvic inflammatory disease. It affects the vaginal area. The vagina emits an unpleasant discharge. The own body temperatures rise experiencing acute abdominal pains.

Advantages of abortion

It gives chances to young women particularly those below the age of 21 years to continue their education. A young girl caught in a condition where she has to keep the pregnancy to term will mean that she can’t do anything else. By getting rid of the fetus, she can continue pursuing her educational needs. Abortion has been of great help to women with certain health issues.  Diseases such as sickle cell anemia and heart disease have been able to shun serious medical complications that arise from childbirth through the use of abortions. Such complications could easily lead to loss of life.

Abortion has been used to control the size of the family. Young motherhood is therefore avoided easily through abortion. A woman may decide to conduct an abortion to protect her from becoming a mother at a very tender age. Rape victims have found comfort in the fact that they could easily do away with such children that would arise from such action.

Disadvantages of abortion

Abortion indicates cruelty to the unborn baby. This is for the reason that abortion is killing. It doesn’t give the new fetus an opportunity to survive. It is hinged on religion belief, which condemns the action citing that everyone is the same before God. The spiritual writings go against the very thought of abortion.

Abortion has the prospective to reduce the probability of a woman getting a child afterward. It tampers with the uterine wall. Further instances, it may cause entire spoil of the uterus. This would effect in bareness and so a woman wouldn’t get a child when she wishes to later on in her life. Abortion encourages irresponsible manners. This is because it offers men and women equally the liberty to commit swift sexual actions. This is so because they know they could simply get away with the pregnancy if they wish.

Simultaneous abortions may result in medical complications. Some of the complications include recurrent miscarriages, sepsis and uterine infections among others. Regular use of those methods causes the change of hormones. This means the hormones are aligned to a program where they can’t maintain a whole pregnancy to term. The body becomes used to refusing any pregnancy thus the case of constant miscarriages may pop up. (Mortensen, Laust 2008). Abortion may perhaps end up causing psychological impairments such as guilt and depression. Various women may suffer depression after losing their baby. Constant miscarriages may lead to stress and finally depression to such individuals.

Abortion alternatives

NGOs and Churches and the government have initiated campaigns alongside abortion. In these campaigns, they appeal mothers to find out other options other than abortion. These options include adoption which involves the transfer of ownership of a kid to other parents who would adore taking care of the baby. Providing support mothers thinking to carry out abortion. NGOs and church groups have come jointly to pull resources to sustain and support such young mothers during their pregnancy.


Abortion is a medical, Social, moreover a religious issue. It is ingrained into the constitutional laws of every state in the globe in one way or another. It has a position in the lives of persons indirectly or directly. Moral values happen out of such actions as abortion that determines the course that one takes. Additional mechanisms that help control abortion consist of the religious and legal aspects of humanity. Giving the essential support concerning psychological support and financial aid to mothers contemplating abortion may well serve as the predominant way to control deaths ensuing from abortion.

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