A2 (200) Organizational Strategy

Subject: 💼 Business
Type: Proposal Essay
Pages: 4
Word count: 1033
Topics: 🧮 SWOT analysis, Health, Marketing
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SWOT Analysis Questions

Writing a SWOT analysis involves focusing on both strengths and weaknesses of a company, as well as its opportunities and threats in the industry. Some of the four questions an organization would use in its SWOT analysis include the following.

  1. What are the strengths of the team as a prenatal care service provider in the county?
  2. What are the areas that the county hospital needs to improve on so that it would become the best prenatal healthcare provider?
  3. What are some of the opportunities available for the hospital to explore so that it would offer the best services to the expectant mothers?
  4. What are some of the challenges that the hospital faces in its quest to provide prenatal health care services?
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A2 (200) Organization needs to identify some of its strengths in the business so that it would continue to offer same quality services. For a prenatal healthcare provider, there are services that the organization may offer that make it stand out from its competitors. Hence, identifying such qualities helps in maintaining customers. Besides, every organization must have an area that requires improvement. The weaknesses may arise from lack of some essential services that the hospital may offer or even the type of health experts. For a healthcare provider, having that knowledge will assist the firm in keeping the customers from moving to its competitors. Furthermore, the organization should identify available opportunities in the industry so that it utilizes them to defeat its competitors. Some opportunities such as offering new health care services or use of certain technological tools may arise. The hospitals that grab such opportunities early enough will highly benefit from them before their competitors can begin to offer similar services. Finally, A2 (200) need to know some of the factors that threats its business so that it would make the necessary precautions to avoid vanishing from the industry due to such threats. Organizations that take risks to their businesses less seriously are prone to succumbing to such dangers.

Organization’s Mission and Vision Statements

Vision Statement

A county hospital that offers the best prenatal healthcare services and provides all Medicaid beneficiaries with an opportunity to participate in prenatal care

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Mission Statement

A high-quality hospital dedicated to providing prenatal health care services to pregnant mothers and ensuring that all pregnant women have access to the maximum required prenatal services at the best affordable cost through Medicaid insurance.


  1. To raise the number of Medicaid beneficiaries who participate in prenatal healthcare.
  2. To create awareness to pregnant mothers on the benefits of accessing prenatal health services.
  3. To enlighten the expectant mothers on the need to attend all prenatal sessions as required by the program.
  4. To show the pregnant women about the dangers of visiting the emergency room just when they realize problems in their pregnancies.

Justifications for the Objectives

Medicaid provides health insurance to American citizens so that they can access quality healthcare services. Mothers require proper medical attention during pregnancy so that they avoid any development of complications (Evans & Lien, 2005). Therefore, they need to utilize the Medicaid insurance which gives them a cheap option for the services. However, studies have indicated that only forty percent of the Medicaid beneficiaries attend prenatal healthcare services despite having the opportunities to access the services. Therefore, the county health care department should find ways through which they can make all the Medicaid beneficiaries to attend the prenatal health care services during their pregnancy. Maybe the wrong attendance for the Medicaid recipients is due to the lack of information. Hence, providing them with sufficient information will help them develop the habit of attending such services.

The poor attendance of the pregnant mothers to seek prenatal health care services despite the availability of the insurance services provided by Medicaid is an indication of a lack of awareness of the benefits of such services. Since only forty percent of the Medicaid beneficiaries attend the prenatal healthcare services, it seems that they lack proper information on the advantages of the service. Therefore, the county health department needs to develop a means through which they can teach the expectant mothers on the benefits of attending prenatal health services during their pregnancy. Some mothers will only wait until they witness complications in their pregnancies for them to seek prenatal healthcare services. However, some of the mothers may fail to seek regular checkups on their pregnancies due to the fear of the high cost of services. Medicaid however, provides cheap access to proper medical health care for all its beneficiaries (Howell, 2001). Thus mothers who have subscribed to Medicaid need to understand the benefits of such services and appropriately utilize them for the protection of both their lives and the lives of their unborn babies.

Pregnant mothers need to understand the benefits of seeking prenatal healthcare services. Despite having access to Medicaid healthcare insurance, many pregnant women do not access prenatal health services according to research. The studies have shown that majority of the pregnant mothers to do fully attend the prenatal programs. They may visit the hospitals in a couple of occasions then give up and only return to the hospitals during their delivery. However, habit is bad as it may allow development of pregnancy complications. Regular checkups allow the physicians to assess the development of pregnancies and provide healthy tips to the mothers (Berman, 2006). Hence, the county health department needs to enlighten the pregnant women in the county on the importance of fully attending the prenatal programs.

Finally, the habit of visiting the emergency rooms only when problems develop during the pregnancies is not healthy to the mothers (Beeckman, Louckx, & Putman, 2011). Such problems can easily get prevented through regular assessment of the pregnancy in the prenatal healthcare services. Thus, the health department will have to provide the mothers with the correct knowledge of the need to attend health services. When the parents wait for complications to arise in their pregnancies for them to visit the emergency rooms, they may endanger their lives. Some problems may be fatal and cost the lives of the mothers or their unborn children. Hence, it is not healthy for parents to avoid regular clinics.

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