Sex Reassignment Surgery

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Sex reassignment surgery is defined as the process through which individuals that demonstrate gender dysphoria transition to a different gender. Individuals suffering from gender dysphoria always feel as if they are should be a different gender. For instance, some male individuals may tend to recognize themselves as females. While the transition goes through numerous stages, surgery presents the final stage and involves the reconstruction of sexual organs as a way to find acceptance by the society and by oneself.

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The surgery, similar to major procedures, is accompanied by a number of significant risks. Patients wishing to undergo the sex reassignment surgery are notified about the risks beforehand. Besides, the medical issues, some limitations are also accompanied by the surgery and these too should be explained to the patient (“Pros and Cons”). Before the patient consents to the surgery, they should be aware of the risks that come with it so as to make an informed decision. Some of the major risks involved with this type of surgery are mostly due to the hormone therapy, which is given to the patients.

The risks that are associated with the procedure incorporate heart and fertility problems, blood clots, increased weight and tumors (“Pros and Cons”). Because of all these limitations, people that undergo the sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy should be under regular supervision by medical professionals. This is most important throughout the first months of the therapy so as to make it easier for the professionals to monitor the hormones properly. Similarly, patients who are undergoing the sex change surgery or the hormone therapy could largely benefit from continuous counseling and visits to doctors specialized in body hormones.

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Furthermore, patients should be made aware that the surgery to alter sex is irreversible, in most cases. The decision of the patient is not enough for this kind of surgery and a psychologist is needed to verify the case, along with the surgeon who is to perform the procedure. This is the main reason why patients are mandated a 12 months period of hormone therapy before the procedure is performed on them (“What Is Sex Change Surgery | Docdoc”).

In the novel Jane Eyre, Jane represents a character in search for love, acceptance and happiness. She seeks a sense of belonging and value. Jane is observed to fall in love with Bertha after rescuing her from the prison. In chapter 12, Jane notes “Women are supposed to be very calm generally; but women feel just as men feel…” (Bronte 96). The women seek happiness by all means possible despite the confines that are put in place by the society. Similarly, every individual has the need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance in the society, including self-acceptance. Hence, sex reassignment should be embraced as part of the modern society and every individual should have the right to choose whether they wish to undergo the procedure.

Despite the risks involved, sex reassignment surgery presents a channel for individuals to accept themselves and seek acceptance from the society. It is integral that the society and the medical world accepts the need for people to seek happiness through all channels. The medical world should work on mitigating the risks and enhancing the accuracy of the surgery and hormonal therapy. Sex reassignment surgery represents such a channel and should be respected and promoted for individuals who need the change.

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